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   Chapter 3351 The Weightless Mountain

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After giving some time to adapt, Zen's ability to control the Shade Stone liquid only grew stronger.

It could be absorbed into his viscera, bones, or skin. When he resisted his enemies, he could shift the impact to the position where the Shade Stone liquid was placed. With the liquid, he attempted to take every strike from Chance.

Even though Chance released a thousand divine megatons of force, Zen blocked all his attacks with ease.

"I told you to take the fight more seriously. Show me what you've got!" Zen called out as he looked at Chance with calm eyes.

Chance knew Zen was a disciple of the Oneness Sky Palace who hadn't reached the Chaotic Source Realm, but Zen appeared so calm as though Chance was an ordinary warrior.

It was completely beyond his expectations. Zen's leisurely attitude hurt his pride — he began growing restless.

Chance refused to yield or heed Zen's words. Instead, he gently slid his feet, moving particularly elegantly as he charged at Zen.

No matter how strong the disciple was, everyone had a limit. Chance refused to believe that Zen could continue resisting his attacks for long.

But under Chance's rain of punches, Zen showed no sign of panic.

Not only could he block Chance's fists, but he also managed to launch his counterattack from time to time.

In terms of force alone, Zen was incredibly strong when he used the Strength God Totem. Each and every punch he threw at his opponent contained over a thousand divine megatons of force. Besides, the Shade Stone liquid strengthened his body dramatically. His counterattacks weren't to be underestimated.

But Chance was a powerful warrior of the Chaotic Source Realm. His body was far stronger than any opponent Zen had faced before.

Ordinary warriors of the Other Shore Realm would have been torn to shreds if they took one of Zen's hits. But Chance's body was like iron. Zen couldn't even make a dent.

Loud thuds resounded every time their punches met. From the noises they made, anyone could easily assume that two giants were brawling. The exchange of blows continued as they moved across the area.

The other disciples knew it was good to distance themselves from the intense fight.

Every time the two collided, the impact caused something like a violent explosion. Anyone standing too close could easily be caught in the impact and get injured. Several disciples already had cheeks that were bulging out because of the blast wave.

As they watched the fierce combat, all of them wer

e of the Weightless Mountain, Chance's aura strengthened drastically. When he took a heavy step forward, his red sword slashed at Zen as he approached.


His sword left a long, red trail in the air. It seemed to carry the power to cut through anything in the world.

In the face of Chance's ferocity, Zen's face turned grim.

The realization hit him: he couldn't take the strike head-on.

Withdrawing his body, Zen leaped high into the air and evaded Chance's sharp hit.

But now that Chance had displayed his Other Shore Token, he surely wasn't going to give Zen any chance to run away.

"Nine-world Mantra!

Binding him!"

Chance gently shook his sword's blade, making its radiance twist and shoot at Zen aggressively like a nimble gecko.

The Nine-world Mantra Sword was a supreme swordsmanship manual unique to the Phoenix Palace. With Chance's formidable strength, the power of his skill was thousands of times greater than when Ahmad had used it — Zen couldn't find a single flaw in his attack.

As Zen retreated, he continued moving and dodging, but failed to get out of the binding force's range.

It was an unavoidable technique, even for Zen, because the skill reached a wider area instead of a single point.

There was so much going on that Zen could barely process the situation. But because he couldn't keep dodging, his right eye suddenly flashed with a red light.

Initially, Chance had planned to completely eliminate Zen in a single attack. But as soon as he spotted the red light, his heart skipped a beat, and his attack waned.

Zen seized the opportunity to twist his body abruptly and distance himself from his opponent.

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