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   Chapter 3345 Promise

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A knowing look flashed across Zen's eyes. Ambrose's request did not come as a surprise to him.

After all, he had brought a massive amount of divine crystals from the divine land with him, which were originally resources that belonged to the Nine Li race.

Most importantly, Chiyou had entrusted Zen with some arrangements, although it was No. 9527 who received the task.

The remaining members of the Nine Li race had lost all hope, but that changed when Zen arrived.

Meanwhile, Athemar's eyes gleamed and his face became unreadable.

To be honest, the Oneness Sky Palace didn't invest many resources in Zen's cultivation.

Zen was able to climb up the mountain in the Oneness Sky Palace because of his own efforts.

In addition, he brought many benefits to the palace.

If Zen ever chose to leave, Athemar knew that he had no reason to stop him. So before Zen could speak, he quickly cupped his hands towards Ambrose and said, "Master Ambrose, may I say something?"

Ambrose glanced at him and answered, "Please, go ahead."

Back then, Ambrose was a hero of indomitable spirit in the Source World. He enjoyed a status that was equal to those of the heads of the seven mountains of the Oneness Sky Palace. At that time, Athemar was much inferior to him.

The times, however, had changed. The Nine Li race had declined and was long past their prime. Moreover, both Ambrose's body and soul had been badly damaged, and he hadn't been able to recover since. He was no longer as strong as he used to be.

"Zen has made rapid progress ever since he joined the Oneness Sky Palace. I have heard from him many times about his determination and eagerness to rebuild the Nine Li race. The Nine Li race is truly lucky to have such a descendant. I have no doubt that he will be a man of great power in the future," said Athemar. He paused for a bit and then continued, "But Master Ambrose, you should be more aware of the current situation of the Nine Li race than I am. Zen can return to you if he wants, but how can you cultivate him right now? Apart from anything else, if the Chaotic Source World opens, do you have a ticket for him? Can you bring him there safely?"

It was known that the Nine Li race used to be a large, dominant force. They couldn't be underestimated despite their downfall. Furthermore, there was more than o

had once surrendered to the Nine Li race launched counterattacks.

"In reality, we have long lost hope. Leopold found us after a great deal of effort, but I scolded him. Chiyou sent the divine land away after he went through many hardships. Why should we bring it back? Leopold shouldn't have brought you back to the Source World," said Ambrose regretfully. "I didn't expect that Lorena would have such an excellent son. It's a pity that I can do nothing to help you."

Sally and Hutton had previously told Ambrose what Zen had done on the Other Shore, and in that moment, he felt hopeful. Now that he had confirmed Zen's identity, he felt as if victory was in sight.

As soon as he finished his words, he bowed and said goodbye to Athemar. He stood up and beckoned his companions to leave. Athemar saw them off.

As for Zen, he just stood there and balled his fists. He had seen the statues of the nine chieftains in the divine land. All of them were strong and powerful. Today, however, Ambrose was quite different from the statue in the divine land.

Although Zen had already known that the Nine Li race had declined, he couldn't help but feel sad. He cried out, "Grandpa Ambrose."

Ambrose and the others paused. They turned around and smiled at Zen.

"I will rebuild the Nine Li race in your lifetime," Zen said seriously.

A wild laugh escaped from Ambrose's lips. Then he croaked, "I have been cursed, and I'm dying. I hope you can fulfill this promise!"

Then he, Leopold, and the others left the Splendid Palace without another word.

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