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   Chapter 3344 Ambrose Li

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Leopold came back to the Source World for two reasons. One was to escort Zen, and the other was to look for the members of the Nine Li race.

In fact, Timotheus didn't give Leopold anything specific to do.

They had been away from the Source World for too long. After suffering bitterly at the bottom of chaos, they only wanted a peaceful life.

If Leopold was willing to follow Emily to the Pear Hill, he could happily spend the rest of his life with the Snake Goddess race.

But he didn't do that. Instead he went to the Pearl Islet. He was trying to find signs the Nine Li race left.

His hard work paid off. He found some leads.

He followed the trail of clues and actually found the last surviving members of the Nine Li race.

Zen's face changed at the mention of Leopold. He asked, "Master Athemar, where is Leopold?"

Sensing Zen's eagerness, Athemar smiled and simply replied, "Follow me."

Zen walked up to Athemar's huge sword and flew away from the Flow Sword Sect. They soared over Oneness Mountain, flew to the northern slope, and finally landed.

His landing point was the Splendid Palace, where the people of the Oneness Mountain received their distinguished guests.

Zen hurried into the Splendid Palace and saw more than ten people sitting inside, and Leopold was among them.



Leopold traveled to the Source World with Emily. After he was separated from Zen, he had lost all hope. His expression was one of surprised delight as he saw Zen again.

At first, he didn't know where Zen was. Yan talked to the people of Pear Hill and organized a search party to look for Zen. That was when he discovered the young man was in the Oneness Sky Palace.

The Oneness Sky Palace was an orthodox human force. If Zen could get his foot in the door, he might be able to turn them into powerful allies.

After finding the remnants of the Nine Li race, Leopold told Ambrose Li about Zen. But they couldn't find a good time to go to the Oneness Sky Palace.

After hearing of what had happened in the Grand Sky Temple, they finally decided to risk a journey to the Oneness Sky Palace.

"It hasn't been that long since we last saw each other, but your cultivation base h

as Thad's, so she wasn't sure whether this man really was him.

After she heard Zen's voice, she was one hundred percent sure, and a bright smile appeared on her face.

"I asked you to find me, but I didn't expect it would be so soon," Zen said with a smile. "You're not outsiders. You don't have to call me Thad. My name is Zen."

Hutton bowed to Zen. "After we said goodbye in the Dark Region, I thought we'd never see you again. But you left the Other Shore safely. I am glad to see you here."

Sally and Hutton were very interested in what happened to Zen after they parted. Zen couldn't tell them much. His experiences involved Elvinia and the purified being, and those were secrets of the Oneness Sky Palace.

This reunion proved what the last members of the Nine Li race had theorized. Thad was Zen, and Zen was from the divine land.

And Zen had his questions answered. He knew what was going on with the Nine Li race.

Only Ambrose stayed with the Nine Li race. The other chieftains had been dead or missing.

To complicate matters further, the Bearing race had been secretly hunting down the remnants of the Nine Li race. Any descendants were killed on the spot, so every time the Nine Li people ventured forth, they were putting their lives at risk.

When he heard what the Bearing race had done, Zen furrowed his eyebrows. He shouldn't have been merciful to them.

At last, Ambrose suddenly asked, "Are you willing to live among the Nine Li race?"

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