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   Chapter 3341 An Old Friend

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With the toads as their escorts, Mike and the other Holy Beings entered a great crack in the tombstone.

Inside was a whole other world, dark and wet.

Big black toads, one thousand-foot-wide beetles, and ten thousand-foot-long centipedes crawled along the rock walls.

The Holy Beings' faces fell at the sight of their environment. What the hell was that place?

The men in carapace armor said nothing and merely took the lead.

After the Holy Beings entered the crack, their escorts scattered and returned to their respective lairs. They did not worry about the Holy Beings escaping, anyway.

"Mike, what the hell is this place?"

"I'm afraid that we're done for... We can't get out of this place..."

Now, even the Holy Beings were afraid of death.

When Zen ruled the divine land, some of the Holy Beings died, and some were reincarnated. A new era had begun in the divine land; its rules were more just.

The descendants of the large clans all began developing, growing more and more powerful. The last thing they wanted was to perish in this time of the new era.

"If they really wanted to kill us, they could've done it outside the tombstone. Why did they bother taking us here?" Mike pondered calmly.

He made sense, but that didn't alleviate their uneasiness in the grim environment.

After flying over a hundred miles in the crack, they found a wide jungle. The trees there stood over ten thousand feet high, which made some of them think that they had arrived at the Swirl Forest. The scenery was similar, but it somehow seemed much darker and more mysterious.

In the depths of the jungle, Mike and the rest eventually found some normal buildings on a great tree.

When they entered a building, those dressed in carapace armor asked them to wait there.

After about five minutes, a man stepped into the building.

Everyone, including Ramzi who had already reached the Other Shore, felt the pressure from the man's arrival.

'How powerful... I'm afraid he has already reached the Chaotic Source Realm...' Ramzi thought to himself.

In the face of such a strong master, Ramzi knew that even if he went all out, he w

ed the Murphy Universe in the war, and how he had grown increasingly powerful in the divine land.

For as long as they knew him, the Holy Beings merely assumed that Zen just had too much luck. Never did they expect to find so many twists and turns in his story. They just grew more in awe of him as they heard his story.

Admiration flashed in Bromley's eyes as he listened to Mike's narration. Shaking his head, he said, "Well, according to you, I'm not the one who makes the biggest contribution. As it turns out, it's your good son."

"He's also your good disciple, haha!" Mike burst out in laughter.

Although Bromley was Zen's master, they had never met personally. It was a strange thing.

After briefly telling Bromley what had happened in the divine land, Mike asked, "Do you know what kind of place the Ruin Graveyard is? Do you really think we have no way of leaving this place?"

Bromley's eyes gleamed with a sense of serenity as he said, "The Ruin Graveyard is extremely dangerous in the eyes of outsiders. It's another primitive land of chaos, but it's not as terrible as you probably think. There's a way to leave, but now's not the right time."

"I'd like to hear more," Mike urged, cupping his hands.

The Holy Beings left the divine land just to explore the Ruin Graveyard. It was just their luck to have bumped into Bromley there.

And so Bromley told the Holy Beings of what he knew in great detail.

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