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   Chapter 3340 The Men In Carapace Armor

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It had never occurred to Mike and the others that such a vicious thing was hiding in the cracks of the tombstone.

They turned pale with fright and stepped back.

"The Holy Being of the Fang Clan has been sucked into the crack!"

"I'm afraid he's been killed!"

"Don't get too close to the tombstone, everyone!"

the Holy Beings reminded one another.

The Holy Beings took solace in the thought that death was not the end for them. They could be resurrected.

Just then, a rune emerged beside Ramzi. He gently pressed it with his finger. Timotheus' voice rang out. "The universe of the Holy Being of the Fang Clan has collapsed."

The group's noise died down immediately as they registered the news in shock.

"How come his universe collapsed?"

"Then is he dead for good?"

"How could that be?!"

The Holy Beings could not believe what had happened. Their universes were their talismans. How could a talisman just be obliterated like that?

"The Ruin Graveyard has its own rules. And it's not so difficult to cut off the connection to the Rebirth Land. Be careful, everyone," Ramzi reminded.

Most of the true masters in the Source World would not rely on their Rebirth Lands. On the one hand, the Rebirth Land was a place of restraint. On the other hand, it was not so safe.

As the Holy Beings fretted, a head appeared from a dark crack.

It was a black toad over 200 feet long. A ghastly face was embedded on its back.

"What kind of monster is this?"

"What a disgusting face!"

"So the Holy Being of the Fang Clan was swallowed by this monster?"

The Holy Beings had seen many abominable creatures in the divine land. When the toad showed itself, everyone was somehow relieved because it didn't seem as bad.

The strength of so many Holy Beings couldn't be underestimated. Moreover, Ramzi was a powerhouse at the Other Shore Realm. They were confident they could deal with the toad.

But after the first toad appeared, many other toads appeared from the cracks.

The tombstone was as large as the divine land. The cracks seemed n

zi, who was usually composed, was surprised.

The Ruin Graveyard was famous for its dangers, and various vicious races were lurking within it. Who would have thought that humans would be among them?

The men in carapace armor approached, crossed the toads' encirclement, and put the flutes down. "You, follow us!" their leader barked out.

"Where are we going?" asked Mike.

"You don't have the right to ask questions," the leader replied stiffly. He put his flute to his mouth and started playing a gentle tune.


The toads started to stir. It was clear if the armored men kept playing their flutes, the toads would pounce on the group without hesitation.

These men disregarded Ramzi's array completely. The Holy Beings knew then it wouldn't protect them.

"Do as they say and don't resist," Mike said to the Holy Beings.

Any wrong move and they would get killed.

Now that Mike had given the order, the other Holy Beings decided to cooperate.

The armored men led the way, while the toads surrounded the Holy Beings layer by layer. Together, they flew toward the cracks in the upper right corner of the tombstone.

In the divine land, Timotheus returned to the internal region of the sun and tied the four rings to his body.

He had the sharpest and broadest vision in the entire divine land. He had thus witnessed the events at the tombstone.

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