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   Chapter 3337 Spokespersons

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Geoffrey was greatly interested in the vast Source World. Zen had promised him that once he became a consummate True God, he would allow him to leave.

The powerful warriors he would encounter in the outside world were unmatched compared to those he met in Zen's inner world. He needed more strength to go further into the Source World.

His father had told him that the Regal Jade Spirit was one of the strongest warriors in the chaos, piquing his interest.

"We have a deal," replied the Regal Jade Spirit.

Soon after, the dispersed Blood Essence Power slowly gathered and formed the Sanskrit word once again.

Geoffrey wasn't eager to decipher it—he did it after Zen had already copied it on the paper.

But something unusual happened—the word formed by the Blood Essence Power dissipated once he began deciphering the copied word on the paper.

"What's going on?" Zen asked with furrowed brows.

Geoffrey was deciphering the Sanskrit word on paper—why was the one formed by Blood Essence Power still dissipating?

"Quite an interesting reaction," said the Regal Jade Spirit, seemingly unbothered. "No matter when and where you decipher a copy of this word, the Blood Essence Power will dissipate rapidly, even if it's half a chaos away."

To decipher it, the Regal Jade Civilization had gone through painstaking efforts. But it was all in vain apart from how they gained a thorough understanding of its nature.

Gripping the copy firmly in his hands, Geoffrey levitated, deep in thought.

The two Sanskrit words of the Truth Enlightenment were known to be highly complex, but this one seemed to be the extreme opposite—it was almost too simple.

When it came to these words, though, the simpler they were, the more difficult it was to judge and decipher—there were countless possible meanings behind a simple word.

For most decipherers, such a situation meant a dead end. But Geoffrey was rather exceptional.

After five minutes passed, Geoffrey rolled the paper in his hands as his lips curled up into a smile.

"Did you pick up any clues?" Zen asked, his brows raised at the other's expression.

"Even better—I've deciphered it," he responded proudly.

Both Zen and the Regal Ja

Ancient Gods had relied on the civilizations from the Other Shore…it was truly inconceivable.

"Did you really say that the top-level masters in the Source World are their spokespersons?" Zen asked again in disbelief.

"Yes," the Regal Jade Spirit affirmed. "The chaos has experienced many rounds of destruction and rebirth—the powerful civilizations have long since been skilled at the game. As soon as the chaos was born, they began planning."

According to what the Regal Jade Spirit said, Eastern Emperor Taiyi also had a civilization behind him for support? And to think that the Snake Goddess and Fuxi were the same…

While Zen was lost in thought, the Regal Jade Spirit smiled and said, "Don't forget, you are now the spokesperson of our Regal Jade Civilization."

The Regal Jade Civilization was once a powerful civilization that ranked among the top ten. But because they were hidden at Stage Thirteen, they didn't get much attention.

"I see," Zen nodded slightly. "So, to find the so-called sacred fire, I must find this Element Spirit Civilization?"

"Yes, but you're not strong enough to do so right now…" The Regal Jade Spirit sighed and continued, "Even if it was Wing King who led us, it would be impossible for us to wage a war against the Element Spiritual race. The top three civilizations on the Other Shore are all as solid as rock in their positions. They have advantages, so the other civilizations couldn't possibly contend against them."

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