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   Chapter 3335 The Blood Essence Godly Way

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In fact, it was possible for creatures in upper stages on the Other Shore to enter lower stages.

However, they had to pay a high price for this and their strength would be limited by the rules of the stages.

The Regal Jade Civilization was superior to many other civilizations. Naturally, its members were by no means weak.

If its members were allowed to use their powers untethered, Zen wouldn't stand a chance. Just the power of a Regal Jade Bug alone could kill Zen instantly without using any poison.

Zen gritted his teeth. He felt the chains straining.

Just as he thought he would make it, he suddenly heard a loud crack. One of the chains had snapped!




Just as the first chain broke, the others followed suit. In the blink of an eye, eight chains had snapped.

Zen knitted his brows in frustration. Previously, it had been extremely smooth for him to merge with the Eye of Will and the Strength God Totem. He hadn't expected that merging with the Civilization Artifact would have any hitches.

Once the chains broke, the Sanskrit words on the other side dimmed slightly.

"What's going on?" Zen frowned.

"Your Thousand Sanskrit Land is not solid enough," the Regal Jade Spirit explained.

"What? It's not solid enough?" Zen echoed in shock.

He remembered that ever since he built the Thousand Sanskrit Land, almost everyone who encountered it had thought it was solid.

If his Thousand Sanskrit Land wasn't solid enough, the ones built by the people with the same cultivation base as him might even be worse.

"Let me help you," the Regal Jade Spirit said graciously.

It used to be the Son of Truth. Moreover, the Civilization Artifact itself was very special and needed to be handled with care.

Even if Zen managed to successfully merge with it, he wouldn't be able to control it fully. The Regal Jade Spirit was bound to the Civilization Artifact, and could also control it.


The Civilization Artifact floating in the air suddenly flashed a cyan light. In a flash, the light transformed into cyan chains. The chains coiled around the Civilization Artifact and then extended to the edge of Zen's inner world, effectively merging with the Sanskrit words.

The golden chains created by Sanskrit words conti

flaws, and the Blood Essence Godly Way is one of them. Are the other two flaws also Godly Ways?" Zen guessed.

The Regal Jade Spirit just smiled. "If it were that simple, the Godly Ways Great Unity would have been perfected a long time ago. Although I don't know what the other two flaws are, they most probably aren't Essence Powers, or what you'd call, Godly Ways."

Zen pursed his lips, realizing his mistake.

The members of the Regal Jade Civilization had done everything in their power to try to find the other two flaws. How could he have been so bold to think he could figure it out on his own?

After a moment of silence, another thought crossed Zen's mind. "What kind of Other Shore Token is the Civilization Artifact? The descending type? The strengthening type? Or the mysterious type?"

Realizing the Regal Jade Spirit's evident confusion, Zen briefly explained the types. Finally, the Regal Jade Spirit replied, "The Civilization Artifact has all the qualities you just listed. Here, I will teach you how to use it."

Meanwhile, as Zen and the Regal Jade Spirit talked, Geoffrey was standing on top of a palace, his gaze turned towards the sky.

The moment the Civilization Artifact appeared in Zen's inner world, Geoffrey knew that his father brought back something strange.

After the chains disappeared, the huge blood red Sanskrit word appearing in the sky immediately caught Geoffrey's attention. With curiosity, he studied it, trying to figure out the meaning of this mysterious Sanskrit word.

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