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   Chapter 3334 Token Bearing

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Without wasting any time, Flamine rushed over from the Phoenix Palace. When she saw Elvinia had already woken up, she broke into tears of joy.

She immediately walked towards Elvinia and embraced her. At this point, Elvinia spoke. In a cold voice she asked, "Who are you? Why are you hugging me? Do I know you?"

Flamine was stunned by this reaction. She looked at Elvinia and with a questioning look upon her face, she turned to Zen.

A little while ago, Zen had already explained what happened to Letitia and the others. Now, he had to recount the events for Flamine's sake.

"While we were in the Dark Region, a purified being occupied Elvinia's soul," Zen instantly told Flamine.

Surprisingly, Flamine responded to this very calmly. "I am aware of it," she said.

"You know about it?" Zen asked. He was thoroughly intrigued.

Flamine nodded. "The purified being in the Dark Region actually wanted to take Elvinia's soul away. However, I was able to kill him."

After hearing that, Zen finally saw the whole picture. He now understood what had truly happened.

Previously, he had been wondering about why Teague had failed to take Elvinia's soul, since his soul was so much stronger than hers.

Zen thought that Elvinia would die when she fell into the tomb. Much to his surprise, she became a purified being instead!

"What happened after that?" Flamine asked. She was obviously still confused as she brought her gaze back to Elvinia.

"Elvinia emerged as she is right now. She has become a purified being and has obtained a new body on the Other Shore. She is now very powerful," Zen replied while staring at Elvinia as well.

With that, a hint of surprise streaked across Flamine's face. She was aware that this would be too troublesome because there was a huge disturbance in Elvinia's soul. Moreover, she didn't know what would happen next. No one had ever experienced something like this before.

"Do you know how strong she is now? Is she stronger than you?" Flamine asked curiously and looked at Zen.

"She's a lot stronger and powerful than my body. There is no one in Stage Thirteen that can defeat her. In addition to that, she is able to kill any creature in the Dark Region in an instant," Zen admitted as he stared back at her.

Elvinia's physical body on the Other Shore was already far stronger than Zen's. He didn't know whether she could stand against the three-eyed boy and the giant ape. But even if they were stronger than Elvinia, she had the ability to activate the Great Sanskrit Light. The creatures in the Dark Region had no power to fight back under the light.

"Will she be able to leave Stage Thirteen?" Flamine continued to ask once more.

A purified being was a creature from the Other Shore. They usually inhabit

is was the effect of that terrifying Other Shore Power.

Compared to that, it was much quieter when he merged with the Civilization Artifact.

It also looked as though the Civilization Artifact was just an ordinary diamond-shaped handicraft.

Nevertheless, the entire Thousand Sanskrit Land trembled the moment it appeared.


The Sanskrit words were bathed in golden light as they began to flash.

A hundred and four Sanskrit words lit up all over the Thousand Sanskrit Land when the Truth of Goodwill and Malice merged with the Eye of Will.

And then, a hundred and forty Sanskrit words lit up during the time that the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent merged with the Strength God Totem.

This time, however, a total of three hundred and sixty-six Sanskrit words lit up when the Truth of Cultivation Nature merged with the Civilization Artifact!


With each Sanskrit word that shone, a chain would stretch out.

And so, three hundred and sixty-six chains shot out. Afterwards, these chains had wrapped around the Civilization Artifact.

"Hmm. It's possible that the Civilization Artifact is not considered as an Other Shore Token from the Lust World," Zen murmured as he looked at the Civilization Artifact nearby.

In principle, the Other Shore Tokens found in the Lust World could be applied to the Hundred Sanskrit Land regardless of how powerful they were. Take the Strength God Totem for example. It was an Other Shore Token from Stage Thirteen that only needed a hundred and forty Sanskrit words to bear it.

"Haha..." Zen suddenly heard a soft laughter.

It was the Regal Jade Spirit that laughed. The sound came from the Civilization Artifact. It said, "This is the result of us hiding in Stage Thirteen and being suppressed by the rules. Otherwise, even the Thousand Sanskrit Land might fail to bear it."

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