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   Chapter 3332 Fusing

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It was known that without certain things like the Soul Binding Thread, it was difficult to kill the Souls of Light.

Luckily, the Souls of Light who threatened Zen weren't anyone truly important, so he naturally didn't bother to waste his time on dealing with them. He had more important things to do.

After the Souls of Light disappeared, Elvinia came out of the Dark Region with Dorothy in tow. Then, the three of them walked towards the entrance of the Grand Sky Temple.

The Bearing race were almost finished with all the preparation work in front of the Grand Sky Temple. Today, they would open the temple if everything went according to the plan.

However, the most recent thing that had just happened was a shock to all the members of various races. The Souls of Light of the Bearing race, Sun Crow race, and Divine Farmer race all had left. Only the Souls of Light from some small races decided to stay and watch what would happen next.

"These people escaped fast," Zen said with a shake of his head.

After Zen had walked around the Grand Sky Temple once, he asked Dorothy and Elvinia to wait for a while. He wanted to return to the Other Shore with his Soul of Light. When the two ladies had settled down, his physical body disappeared from the Other Shore.

"Where is Zen? Is he gone?" Elvinia asked in confusion.

Dorothy looked at Elvinia helplessly and replied, "He has left the Other Shore."

"Left the Other Shore?" Elvinia thought for a while and seemed to understand what had happened. "Will he come back then?"

"Of course he will," Dorothy said firmly.

Zen's body and soul were separated on the Other Shore. Sometimes, he needed to switch between the two forms.

Before he had entered the Grand Sky Temple, he had left his Soul of Light at the Grand Sky Temple's entrance. Right now, he was probably planning to return to the Other Shore with his Soul of Light.

A few moments later, he had finally gotten out of the Other Shore. His eyelids fluttered slightly before fully opening, after which he saw a scene in the room on the second floor.

Not far away was Dorothy who sat with her legs crossed, and Elvinia.

Sadness hung like a thick cloud over Margaret and Letitia, who stood in the corner of the room. Letitia in particular looked much thinner than before, as they had been worrying about Zen every day and night.

He couldn't help but feel the stab of pain in his heart as he watched them quietly.

Fortunately, he already came out of the Dark Region and would return soon. He couldn't let Dorothy and Elvinia wait too long now.

As Zen thought of it, he activated the Truth of Godly Way and returned to the Other Shore with his Soul of Light.

"Eh?" Letitia mumbled.

She felt the truth aura that emanated from Zen, but it was quite faint.

A soft sigh escape

In the end, the Souls of Light just retreated and watched them from afar instead.

Meanwhile, Zen had successfully entered the Dark Region. His eyes cautiously scanned his new surroundings.

The creatures in the Dark Region were afraid of the Light Region, and had no desire to approach it. Fortunately, the edges of the area were already desolate, so he didn't need to worry about being attacked by the creatures of the Dark Region. Even if he did get attacked, he still could escape to the Light Region with the candle.

After Zen had placed the candle on the ground and got ready, he asked Elvinia to hand over the Civilization Artifact to him.

It was important for him to remember that the Regal Jade Spirit had also warned him to prevent exposing the Civilization Artifact to the Light Region.

Even if the Civilization Artifact was extremely solid, it would still be hard for it to withstand the light from the Light Region because the light could extinguish it in a short amount of time.

On the other hand, the light of the candle could also corrode the Civilization Artifact, but the candlelight's energy wasn't that strong, so the Civilization Artifact could still withstand it.

After Zen had taken over the Civilization Artifact, his Soul of Light activated the Truth of Cultivation Nature, then slowly fused the Civilization Artifact with his Soul of Light.

Before, he was a little worried and afraid that the Truth of Cultivation Nature and the Civilization Artifact would clash with each other. Now that he was proven wrong and the Civilization Artifact was successfully fused into his body, he realized that his anxiety was totally unnecessary.

Yet, merging with it was only the first step. The next step was to make his inner world carry the Civilization Artifact, and only then would he be considered to have truly possessed this Other Shore Token.

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