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   Chapter 3326 She Was Spotted

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Although Dorothy knew that her wish was unrealistic and that there was a great possibility that she was waiting for nothing, she still chose to wait.

Meanwhile, members of the Bearing race continuously arranged the Soul Binding Threads, and soon they reached the hillside.

One of them glanced at Dorothy and remarked, "You have no business here! You should leave right now. If you get stuck to the Soul Binding Threads, we won't help you!"

Dorothy looked up at him and faintly replied, "It's just to open the door of the Grand Sky Temple. What's the big deal? Even the Ear Mice didn't take precautions like that."

Previously, when the Ear Mouse race opened the Grand Sky Temple's door, they only sprayed some Soul Interdicting Water and then arranged a few restrictions. But now, the Bearing race was making a mountain out of a molehill.

"Humph! Enough nonsense! Leave now, or we won't be so kind!" A man from the Bearing race warned her moodily.

It would be troublesome too if she got stuck to the Soul Binding Threads, as that would make it difficult for her to leave the Other Shore.

At that moment, Dorothy's heart was filled with resentment, but she couldn't do anything because they outnumbered her. She was too wise to confront them where she would obviously lose, so she reluctantly stood up and prepared to leave.

This time, Dorothy chose to make a concession. Usually, Souls of Light would go their ways and would avoid interfering with others. After all, it was difficult to identify Souls of Light on the Other Shore, as they were all blurred in appearances.

But one man from the Bearing race had been observing Dorothy from head to toe. And when their eyes met, a glimmer of light flashed across his eyes.

The day that the Ear Mice opened the door of the Grand Sky Temple, that man had also been present. He had seen Dorothy, as she fought with Haider and spent most of her time with Zen.

Although he hadn't seen Dorothy's appearance before, he was sure that it was her, as she had the same figure, soul aura, and voice!

In the battle outside the Grand Sky Temple, the Bearing race had fought with the Oneness Sky Palace, and even before that, they had already fought against each other several times on the Other Shore.

When the Bearing race noticed the strong corporeal body of Zen, they began to make plans to end his life.

They were confident that although Zen's body seemed invincible, and even if he had an upper hand against the Souls of Light, they could still find a way to deal with him.

However, Zen never came back after he entered the Dark Region. And so, the Bearing race had no choice but to sit tight and wait for their chance.

Of cours

These Souls of Light had all reached the thirteenth stage of the Other Shore Realm, so their cultivation was not much inferior to Dorothy's. They chased after her wherever she went, without the slightest intention of giving up.

Dorothy cursed once again in her mind. At this rate, she would be caught sooner or later.

"It doesn't matter who you are, just surrender! Don't waste our time!"

"We just want the body! If you help us catch the guy, we will let you go!"

"You know you can't escape. Why don't you make this easier for yourself and surrender?"

Dorothy snorted at all the voices, then she taunted them confidently, "Let's see if you can catch me!"

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three small soul swords shot out from her Necklace of Mystic Soul, and they flew towards the Souls of Light at an incredible speed, leaving white trails in the air.

The two Souls of Light of the Bearing race who had been talking to her were right on her heels. And because they were so close, they had no time to dodge the soul swords. Before they could scream, the small soul swords pierced them, and they were severely injured.

"She is so strong!"

"Be careful!"

The scene shocked the other members of the Bearing race so greatly that some of them couldn't even talk.

Instead, soundless gasps escaped their mouths, as they witnessed their members getting hurt.

They were right to be surprised, as Dorothy's Soul of Light had already surpassed her peers. She had been able to compete with the top Souls of Light in the thirteenth stage with the help of the Necklace of Mystic Soul.

But although they were frightened by her power, none of them retreated. They stood their ground, confident that they were stronger because they outnumbered her. Thus, they persevered and trailed her.

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