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   Chapter 3325 Expecting

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The creatures of the Dark Region were all in a cold sweat after seeing how the black monkeys and one-eyed monsters ended up.

They had planned to risk everything to rush into the Regal Jade City.

But these creatures were not as powerful as the black monkeys or the one-eyed monsters. They couldn't just head inside, knowing how defenseless they were. All they could do now was to watch Zen and Elvinia leave.

A single purified being was enough to defeat them, so they didn't dare chase after the two.

The Dark Region covered most of the Stage Thirteen area, with the extremely vast inner space.

Initially, Zen thought about heading back along the mountain stream.

But when Zen and Elvinia were chased by the black monkeys, they ran in a panic. After Elvinia destroyed a part of the mountain stream, they couldn't find the path they followed earlier.

As a purified being, Elvinia could travel through the Dark Region safely. So long as she moved in one direction throughout, she would find her way out of there.

After climbing over a small hill, Zen felt the darkness around him growing heavier. The Darkness Fruit's effect was about to wear off.

"Elvinia, give me a Darkness Fruit," Zen called out to her.

Instead of doing so, Elvinia waved her hand, making a ray of light envelop his head. With a smile, she said, "You won't need any more of that fruit with this."

The area the light covered was equal to the outside of the Dark Region. As it turned out, it was true that he didn't need to take the Darkness Fruit.

"Is it convenient?" Zen asked.

To be on the safe side, it was still better to take the Darkness Fruit.

But Elvinia snorted and uttered, "If you don't want it, just leave by yourself!"

He gave her a helpless look in response to her childish outburst.

Although Elvinia was clearly a little mad, she was still less aloof than she used to be. She was even rather cute.

The two rays of light slowly moved in the Dark Region. Wherever they went, they enveloped anything under them, looking like sharp knives forcefully digging ditches into the ground.

The plants in the Dark Region disappeared instantly

Bearing race, the latter lost several elites. They also lost the qualifications to enter the Grand Sky Temple. In the end, it turned out they escaped the dangers along with the Sun Crow race, the Divine Farmer race and the New Moon race.

Now, it was time for them to stage a comeback.

"Apart from the Souls of Light of the Bearing race, the Divine Farmer race, the New Moon race and the Sun Crow race, everyone must leave, now! Hurry up!" one of the members of the Bearing race shouted. Dozens of people laid the Soul Binding Threads on the ground nearby.

The Soul Binding Threads covered the ground, looking like shiny blue grass.

This time, there weren't many super forces taking part in the opening of the Grand Sky Temple. The Separate Abyss race suffered great losses along with other powerful forces last time. Even though the ferocious Grand Sky Temple was tempting, not just anyone could explore it.

Most of those gathered at the main gate of the Grand Sky Temple were the Souls of Light from small races.

On the hillside opposite the Grand Sky Temple sat Dorothy, looking at the gate.

She had waited like this for a long time.

There were moments she saw Zen emerging from the temple, but she knew she was only imagining it as the door remained closed.

This time, the Bearing race managed to obtain the Other Shore Key of the Grand Sky Temple. If they opened the door, would Zen jump out from the temple?

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