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   Chapter 3323 Identification

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The Regal Jade Spirit quietly observed the two humans that stood before it.

Although the Regal Jade race was vastly different from the human race, it could tell that Elvinia was not suitable to take charge of the Civilization Artifact.

"We have been waiting for too long. It's not the first time that creatures have come to visit us over the years," the Regal Jade Spirit sighed. "The one most suitable to control the Civilization Artifact is not a purified being, but someone who cultivates the Ways-blending Energy. You are not suitable for the role. So, please leave."

The warriors at the Other Shore Realm in the thirteen stages of the Lust World were far from reaching the Chaotic Source Realm, so it was impossible for them to take the time to cultivate the Ways-blending Energy.

Even in the Source World, only top-level masters of the super powers, like Fuxi and Chiyou, could master the 3, 000 Godly Ways.

The members of the Regal Jade Civilization had been hiding in the Lust World, so it was impossible for them to find a suitable person.

However, because they lived inside the Regal Jade City, they were immortal.

It didn't matter whether the chaos was destroyed or created; the Other Shore would not be affected.

Hence, they were in no rush to select the person they wanted.


The moment the Regal Jade Spirit had finished speaking, Zen gathered the internal momentum in his inner world. A blazing white light shot out in front of the Regal Jade Spirit.

"Is this the Ways-blending Energy you were talking about?" Zen asked with a smile.

The Regal Jade Spirit was taken aback. At a glance, it made an accurate judgment. "2, 994 Godly Ways! You fused them?!"

"Yes, you could say that," replied Zen calmly.

Zen had been continuously fusing the Godly Ways in the divine land. However, the more progress he made, the more difficult it became. Moreover, he had been busy lately, so he had failed to make further progress.

However, the Evil God had helped Zen a lot. It was easy for him to cultivate the Godly Ways that the Evil God had fused, so he was quickly able to fuse 2, 994 Godly Ways.

"Interesting!" The Regal Jade Spirit eyed Zen from head to toe. "You are not a purified being. You stay in the Dark Region by eating Darkness Fruits, r

de City.

While the Regal Jade Civilization was very little known, by instinct, they could tell that this was something extraordinary. Thus, they decided to wait and lurk in the darkness.

As soon as the Regal Jade Spirit lifted the illusion, the black monkeys rushed into the Regal Jade City and headed straight for the tower.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The golden Sanskrit words shone on the yellow paper plastered on the bodies of three black monkeys.

With the reinforcement of the light, each black monkey moved with astonishing power and speed.

The black monkey in the lead launched itself directly onto Zen, trying to yank the Civilization Artifact out of his hand. Elvinia, who was standing next to Zen, bared her teeth angrily.

She hated the pig-faced monsters and the black monkeys instinctively. She remembered previously, those monkeys had chased them all the way to the valley.

"Go to hell!"

she screamed with a murderous look.

As she raised her hand, a bright light shot out towards the black monkeys.


She managed to strike one of the black monkeys. The yellow paper on its body burst into flames.

Unexpectedly, the yellow paper had blocked the light for a moment. The black monkey rushed to Zen with flames.

Bang! Bang!

The Civilization Artifact was knocked out of Zen's hand. It plunged down from the tower.

"It falls!"

"We must get it!"

The other two monkeys ignored their companion and immediately leapt off the tower to chase after the Civilization Artifact.

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