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   Chapter 3320 The Regal Jade Civilization

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"The Civilization Artifact?" It was hard for Zen to figure out exactly what the item was just based on its name. "What is it used for?"

"I'm not sure. If I could just remember..."

Elvinia continued to search her memories for information about the artifact.

But as she thought about it, she felt something tear deep in her soul, as if a memory was about to break through. All of a sudden, she covered her head with both hands and squatted down. "Oww! It hurts..."


As soon as she released her hand, the Civilization Artifact fell to the ground.

"I really can't remember. My head hurts!" Elvinia complained.

Apparently, she couldn't think too much of this. Trying to dig too deeply into her memories was quite painful. Zen stretched out his hand and gently rubbed her forehead. Then he asked her to take out dozens of soul pills and swallow them.

Elvinia's physical body was different from Zen's.

Zen's body was projected onto the Other Shore from the Source World, and the projected body seemed just like his real one. But only Elvinia's soul entered the Other Shore, and the body she inhabited here was like the armor. What form she would take after she left here, only the gods knew.

But at least she could still absorb the soul pills. That was the silver lining.

After taking the soul pills, Elvinia looked better. She didn't seem quite so pale, and she seemed more energetic. She pursed her lips and put her arms around her knees, unwilling to dredge up her memories again. She said, "I don't know what it is. Here you go! Take it if you want."

Hearing her complaint, Zen could only comfort her, "Alright. I'll study it and figure out what it is..."

Then, Zen bent down to pick up the Civilization Artifact and placed it in his palm, observing it closely.

The item was extremely delicate. It was a diamond-like gem inlaid with over ten sharp thorns.

Zen touched the sharp thorns and twisted one of them as an experiment.


The thorns could twist!

Zen was slightly shocked. This should have done something, and maybe he triggered some mechanism.

ivilization Artifact on the platform, the speck of light shot towards it.


Soon after, a green light shot out from the Civilization Artifact and enveloped Zen and Elvinia in its rays.

Zen felt the sky and earth spinning. The Regal Jade City disappeared and was replaced by a void. Brown clouds floated in that void.

Elvinia walked into the void and asked nonchalantly, "Where are we?"

Zen had already deduced that the scenery of the void was the chaos. Just as he was about to answer Elvinia, a loud voice rang out from the void. "This is the chaos."

Elvinia blinked and asked, "Then who are you?"

"I am the Regal Jade Spirit and the only member of the Regal Jade race who is still awake. The rest of them have slept for hundreds of millions of years," the clear voice answered.

"Then where did the city go? Is it an illusion?" Zen asked.

Following Elvinia's memories, they had taken great pains to obtain the Civilization Artifact. Surely it wasn't showing them only the pretty scenery, was it?

"The Civilization Artifact has recorded the development of the 749th chaos. You can see the birth, the beginning, the growth and the destruction of the entire Regal Jade Civilization..." the voice answered.

"The 749th chaos?" Zen was slightly stunned.

"Yes, we are the 749th civilization to rule the chaos." A trace of pride could be heard in that disembodied voice.

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