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   Chapter 3319 The Civilization Artifact

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In the light that Elvinia had released, Zen finally saw what was going on around him, surprised.

They were now stepping onto the floor that was made of a huge piece of jade.

"Is this whole floor paved with a single piece of cyan jade?" Zen muttered.

Elvinia seemed to know this and didn't react to Zen's question.

The jade floor at the bottom of the black pool was lined. Elvinia lowered her head to look closely at it. She walked along the patterns, as if she was looking for something.

The jade itself could not resist the light that Elvinia had released. Wherever the light passed through, the surface of the jade floor became corroded.

They walked for a dozen steps at the bottom of the pool when the jade under their feet lightened in color. It started to become transparent, allowing them to easily see through it.

"This is..."

Zen had previously noticed random lines on the jade floor. But as he looked more carefully, he found they weren't lines but Regal Jade Bugs that were embedded in the floor.

Did the Regal Jade Bugs in the black pool grow out of this?

A strange thought came to Zen's mind.

This place was full of wonders. Wilder guesses wouldn't feel wrong in this situation.

What he saw next proved him right. The Regal Jade Bugs under the jade floor moved suddenly and began to fly around within the jade, probably having been disturbed by Elvinia's light.

The hard jade was like water to the Regal Jade Bugs. They wandered freely within it.

These bugs would be safe as long as they didn't come out because the jade floor had blocked the light that was capable of eliminating them.

But it looked like they were courting death as they emerged from the floor and began to fly around.

They pointed the cyan needles that were in their mouth upward, and for some time, it looked like the floor was covered with needles.

"Watch out!"

Zen was not sure if Elvinia had the ability to resist the Regal J


He was proved right when he spotted the huge bird head some distance away.

Elvinia didn't stop running until after she had passed the bird's head.

Underneath the surface of the jade floor was a spiky ball in the shape of a diamond.

Elvinia looked at it for a while before kneeling down on the ground beside it.

She placed her hand on the floor above the diamond shaped spiky ball and released a bright light from her palm.

The jade floor melted quickly under the strong light, leaving a gaping hole in its wake and exposing the diamond-shaped spiky ball.

He didn't know what the ball was made of. The surface of the ball darkened under the strong light but it showed no signs of melting.

"What's this?" Zen asked.

"I don't know," Elvinia answered.

She had come here driven by her memory to find the diamond shaped spiky ball. She didn't know what exactly it was or what it could be used for.

Zen was speechless. It was a long time later that he helplessly said, "You have looked for it for so long. And now you've found it and you're saying you don't know what it is!"

"Let me think," Elvinia said. She searched her memory, head tilted and eyes narrowed at the ball. A few minutes later, she burst out, "Got it! It seems to be called the Civilization Artifact!"

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