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   Chapter 3318 Important Memory

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When the black monkey finished its words, the other two also wore cautious expressions on their faces.

No matter how ruthless the purified being was, he wouldn't have killed his own race. It made no sense and caused an uneasy feeling in their hearts.

"Perhaps the purified being... is not a pig-faced monster after all..." another black monkey spoke and voiced its speculations out loud.

"I can't say for sure though," the black monkey shook its head in an attempt to diffuse the suspicions.

"It seems we were right to come here to have a look for ourselves!"

Just as the three black monkeys were immersed in their discussion, several thousand feet away from them, a few red dots of light appeared. Several one-eyed monsters perched atop another mountain scanned the area ahead of them.

"Buzz, buzz..."

Obviously, the several one-eyed creatures had noticed the presence of the black monkeys as well. Their eyes gleamed with a particular frequency that indicated friendliness.

These one-eyed creatures belonged to a different force and had never encountered the black monkeys before. Apparently, they were also enchanted by the frightening light column.

As a sign of friendship, the black monkeys waved gently at the one-eyed monsters. Then, they moved down from the peak of the mountain.

Besides the black monkeys and the one-eyed monsters, other creatures were lurking nearby in the Dark Region. They were all sneaking up to the area inhabited by the pig-faced monsters.

Even though the entire valley now stood destroyed, Zen was still able to tell the right direction.

As long as they followed the mountain stream, they should be able to retrace their steps. They had to climb the back wall of the Grand Sky Temple at the end of the stream to leave the Dark Region safely.

Now with Elvinia's strength, those black monkeys wouldn't dare to make trouble for them.

"Before we leave the Dark Region, I'll store this in your space ring." Zen glanced at Elvinia as he pointed at the small Regal Jade Beast.

"Space ring? I don't understand what you mean..." Elvinia asked while peering over at Zen with curious eyes.

Due to the fact that her memory had almost been wiped clean, she had aged back a few years mentally. She now resembled a child at the age of seven. It made her look innocent and adorable.

"Try to remember what it is yourself," Zen said impatiently.

Elvinia thought long and hard as she blinked at him. Then, she raised her hand and asked, "Is this what you are talking about?"


As a white square formed in response to her g

was not to be underestimated, it still wouldn't be able to withstand the poison of the Regal Jade Bugs. Left with no other choice, Zen dived in the black pool to follow after her.

After Zen jumped, he struggled to make sense of his surroundings. The mud was so thick that it became hard for him to move further down.

In a moment of desperation, he grabbed onto Elvinia's feet and was dragged down by her.

One hundred feet....

Three hundred feet...

One thousand feet...

Previously when the octopuses threw Zen into the black pool, he had only covered a distance of a few hundred feet. At that time, Zen was convinced he had reached the bottom of the black pool.

But now, dragged by Elvinia, he had gone further down, and she still didn't stop. It seemed the black pool was much deeper than he had thought.

Along the way, Zen had been worried that they would encounter the Regal Jade Bugs or the Regal Jade Beasts. But none of them showed up.

After diving for more than ten thousand feet, Elvinia suddenly stopped. Zen reached out his hand to touch the bottom of the black pool. The bottom was abnormally chilling and smooth. The feeling resembled when he felt the Regal Jade Beast.

"What the hell is this? Damn it, I can't see anything..."

Just as Zen tried to figure it out, a ball of white blinding light appeared beside him. The moment the light shone, it completely wiped off the black mud stationed at the bottom.

However, when the black mud at the bottom of the pool had vanished, the residue floating above naturally settled back down. Since Elvinia had relied on her ability to continuously release rays of light, she forcefully created a temporary space at the bottom of the black pool.

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