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   Chapter 3316 Elvinia's Impaired Memory

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Elvinia now possessed a body on the Other Shore. Zen could recognize her at a glance by her thick black hair and her eyes that were as deep as ancient pools.

When the woman heard the name 'Elvinia', she fell into a trance as her mind began searching for an answer to the meaning of this name.

The name seemed to be hers, but she couldn't recall if it was.

The man in front of her was familiar and intimate as well, but who was he?

She was enraged on seeing the Regal Jade Beast had caught hold of the man. "Beast! Stay away from him!" she screeched terrifyingly.


The Regal Jade Beast felt threatened by the woman and unleashed a great roar. It did not want to provoke her, but it wouldn't let go of Zen either.

It grabbed Zen with a front paw and scaled the mountain wall at the back of the valley. It might have been enormous, but it moved as agile as a kitten.

The woman remained deep in thought. She felt overbearingly uneasy as she watched the man being taken by the Regal Jade Beast but she didn't know why.

Driven by pure instinct, her arm raised up slowly and a ball of light began gathering in her hand.


The light rays began swirling and dancing around. Then, a white light shot at the Regal Jade Beast.

No matter how fast and nimble it was, it could not escape the light.


A puff of black smoke rose from the body of the Regal Jade Beast as the light hit it. Its once smooth skin now became mottled and dotted with holes all over.


The Regal Jade Beast let out a miserable cry and slid down from the mountain.

"Kill that gigantic beast!"

"Come on, Master Teague!"

"That beast slaughtered more than half of our race!"

The pig-faced monsters lucky enough to survive shouted while hiding in the corner of the valley.

They didn't know who this woman was, but they figured she must be the purified being if she was able to control the light as she did. Some of them regarded her as Teague.

Just as the Regal Jade

a light flashed in front of him. Elvinia had appeared.

"What did you call me just now?" she asked curiously.

"Elvinia," Zen replied with a frown.

She tilted her head, looked at Zen innocently and asked, "What's your name?"

Zen sighed in his heart at Elvinia's question.

When he was grabbed by the tentacles, the white shadow had already rushed to Elvinia's Soul of Light. There was nothing Zen could do back then. He imagined Elvinia's Soul of Light would probably be devoured by the white shadow.

But things had not gone that way at all.

Perhaps something unexpected happened when the white shadow had tried to devour Elvinia's soul; it failed and Elvinia's Memory Flame prevailed over it.

Elvinia's Soul of Light and memory were both damaged.

"My name is Zen Luo," Zen answered.

"Zen Luo..." Elvinia repeated in a soft voice.

Zen nodded and asked, "Do you remember?"

Elvinia nodded and said seriously, "Yes."

Zen looked at her strangely and asked, "What do you remember?"

Suddenly, Elvinia pounced on Zen, embracing him and looking into his eyes tenderly. She would never have acted like this or even looked at him like this before.

"I remember that I seem to like you very much," she said sweetly.

Zen was frozen.

He knew her memory was a mess but that was the last thing he had expected.

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