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   Chapter 3315 Emerge

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The octopuses had no natural enemies on Stage Thirteen.

In fact, their only shortcoming was that they couldn't leave the triangular caves where they hid, limiting their range of motion.

'What kind of creature chased after them, making them flee like mad?' the pig-faced monsters wondered.

Clatter… clatter… clatter…

The octopuses were followed closely by Zen as he rolled down the mountain, still locked in the bronze plates.

The plates bumping along the way made a deafening sound.


Finally, Zen smashed into the valley. More than half his body was embedded underground.

The two pig-faced monsters nearest Zen paled in shock. If they were caught in Zen's fall, they'd have definitely been crushed.

"What happened?"

"Look! What's that?"

"That seems to be a Regal Jade Beast…"

Having lived around the black pool for years, the pig-faced monsters knew a little about it.

Creatures in the pool were considered very special—the Regal Jade Bugs being just one kind of them, and at the lowest level.

The bodies of these bugs were nothing like that of common bugs with flesh and blood. They seemed to be carved out of jade, making their bodies extremely tough.

Many strange life forms populated the black pool.

It was said that some pig-faced monsters had even seen giant beasts emerge from the water. The Regal Jade Beasts were cyan all over, and like the Regal Jade Bugs, their bodies seemed carved from jade. But in all the time the pig-faced monsters had been there, the beasts had only appeared once or twice. Many no longer believed in their existence.

No concrete evidence was available to prove whether or not the Regal Jade Beasts really existed in the black pool.

Still, no one explored the black pool and lived. The pig-faced monsters had no idea how deep the water was, nor what creatures lurked down there.

But this time, they encountered the strange Zen. He was probably the only 'bait' who could be re-used after being bitten by the Regal Jade Bugs.

What was most surprising, though, was how he had managed to attract the giant R

e strength of her physical body was beyond impressive.


The fresh soil that covered the tomb burst from the girl's strength as she rushed out.

The moment she came into contact with the light, it changed significantly.

Originally, the beam of light was in the shape of a circular column, but the moment it touched the young girl's body, the light concentrated right on her, illuminating her entire figure. Only a bright silhouette remained.

"The light... it makes me comfortable…"

Bathed in light, the girl looked rather relaxed.

She could still feel the countless little spirits contained within the light, subject to her orders.

In a single thought, rays of light were woven into a shiny dress, that fit her perfectly.

Everyone else in the valley was wide-eyed and dumbfounded.

After being madly slaughtered by the Regal Jade Beast, the pig-faced monsters were left in desperate fear. When the tomb exploded, they fled in all directions. Now they felt saved, thinking that Master Teague finally appeared.

But what rushed out from under the tomb was a mere human girl.

Even Zen was just as shocked.

Only a few steps away from him was the Regal Jade Beast, and one of its cyan claws was already pressing onto his head—he was sure he was doomed. But when the human girl came into his view, his surprise almost made him forget the dire situation he was in.

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