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   Chapter 3314 The Regal Jade Beast

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The human girl shook the blood away from her hands, the red streams painting the ground. Then, she checked them under the light, and a satisfied grin stretched on her lips.

Next, she jerked her fat legs, which caused the skin to crack. The flesh began to roll upwards to reveal a pair of slender legs.

Her shoulders, chest, and waist followed suit. Her thick limbs were stripped from her original body as a tangy, bloody scent filled the dark cave.

Soon after, a perfectly shaped body emerged from the pile of flesh.

Although she was still quite confused, she seemed to be in a better mood as her snow-white feet moved across the dark and bloody cave.

As she moved, the light column that came from the valley also moved with her.

The properties of the tombstone and the soil around it had changed with the birth of the purified being. They did not belong to the Dark Region anymore, so the light couldn't damage them.

The materials outside the light column, however, were different: as long as they touched the light, their energy and the light column's energy would attempt to eliminate each other.

As the light column started to move, numerous ditches appeared in the ground because of the erosion. The light column almost hit some of the pig-faced monsters that were in the middle of worshipping. The ground trembled as all of them scampered to the edge of the valley to hide, and then proceeded to watch the scene with caution.

"What happened?"

"Has the light column moved?"

"It's Master Teague! Has Master Teague turned into a purified being?"

All the pig-faced monsters that knew about the situation were aware that the light column did not illuminate the tomb, nor the tombstone, but Master Teague.

Once Master Teague became a purified being, the light column would follow him wherever he went!

Since the light column shifted around, it was obvious that Master Teague was awake.

All of them saw how the brightness followed him as he walked in the dark cave.

"If Master Teague has succeeded, why won't he leave the dark cave?" The dark blue pig-faced monster scowled. "Maybe he needs to get everything ready," the pig-faced monster next to it replied and burst into giggles.

"It is said that a purified being can give us the ability to leave the darkness, right?" another pig-faced monster asked, its tone full of expectation. The dark bl

named the Regal Jade Beast.


The Regal Jade Beast lowered its head and roared.

Things quickly took an unexpected turn when instead of targeting Zen, it flew towards the nearest octopus.

The octopuses shrieked in horror when they realized that they were no match for the gigantic beast. Thus, they quickly withdrew their tentacles and ran towards the valley.

Even though they moved in high speeds, the beast had caught up to the last octopus and crushed it. Then, it began to bite the creature's body until it was torn into pieces.

Zen had been hanging from the tentacles of the last octopus. Now that it was nothing but chunks of meat, it couldn't take him back to the valley.

The Regal Jade Beast chewed some more until it swallowed the whole octopus in a few gulps, and then it turned to look at Zen.

The beast's terrifying stare sent chills down Zen's spine. In a moment of desperation, he gathered all his strength and rolled down the mountain with the bronze iron plates. The mountain was steep, so he was able to roll down rather quickly. Although the bumpy ride injured him along the way, it was still better than being eaten by the beast!

When the beast saw that its target had escaped, a fierce light flashed in its eyes. It wasted no time and followed Zen all the way down!

The pig-faced monsters were still kneeling before their purified being. Suddenly, they heard a loud noise from above and saw that the octopuses had fled back to the triangular caves. It was as if they were escaping from something, which astonished the pig-faced monsters.

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