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   Chapter 3313 New Body After Rebirth

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"These are from severe poison," Dorothy said after looking at the corrosion marks.

The wounds one sustained from the Other Shore carried over to the Source World. Thus, Zen sported the dark, corrosion marks on his skin. However, any objects from the Other Shore could not appear in the Source World, so there was no venom around his wounds.

Letitia was immediately relieved upon hearing Dorothy's diagnosis. "Zen is immune to poison."

"It appears so," Dorothy replied upon observation.

The things in the black pool were extremely poisonous. Most of the creatures from the Dark Region could barely come out alive if getting bit after being thrown into that pond.

Death came slowly with this type of poison. After being injected into the bloodstream, it would make the victim hallucinate while his body deteriorated. Pus would slowly fester on his skin, his organs, down to his very bones until he became nothing more than a flesh bag of bodily fluids. This type of death was horrible and incredibly painful.

That was from only one bite. Zen was currently being attacked by more than a hundred of these unknown things!

Fortunately, his body was immune to any type of poison and all he really had to worry about was the blood loss.

However, just the mere thought of his body being covered by many bugs sent a shiver down his spine.

An hour later, he felt the two ropes on the bronze-iron plates tighten, slowly raising him up from the black pool.

'Finally. I'm leaving this hell now?' Zen's heart filled with joy.

He really thought it was going to be his death after the pig-faced monsters made such a huge deal of the black pond. It turned out not as bad as they said.

As soon as he left the pond, he looked down at his body.

He had already mentally prepared himself but the sight shocked him all the same.

The bugs were not a pretty sight - dark cyan, with huge abdomens like cyan gems. A fine needle protruded from each bug's head and penetrated every square inch of his body.

Despite being lifted from the pond, the bugs remained latched onto hi

topuses left the caves, and entangled with each other to form a rope thousands of feet long. They took Zen with them and threw him right back into the pond.

He was left soaking there for more than an hour to make sure that his entire body would be covered by the Regal Jade Bugs.

He was used as bait for four straight days.

While Zen was subject to such misery, something else was beginning to take place in the dark cave of the tomb.

Flesh and blood piled up, wrapping up a cocoon completely. Gradually, a body started to form.

When its facial features began shaping, a pig face appeared, looking exactly like a pig-faced monster. This was the purified being called Teague.

However, as soon as the pig face formed, it immediately crumbled and morphed into the face of a human girl.

She had a gentle and charming appearance, especially with her eyes closed in peaceful slumber.

On the fifth day, the human girl suddenly opened her eyes, confused.

'Where am I?

Who am I?'

Her heart was filled with doubt as she carefully observed her own body. It was the body of a pig-faced monster. It was big and fleshy as well as ugly. This was an appearance that she could never accept.

"Phew! Phew!"

As she thought, there were cracks on her big body, and blood spilled. The flesh was constantly peeling off. A pair of slender hands pulled out from her bloated arms.

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