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   Chapter 3310 Soul Stealing And Counterattack

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The desperate situation had Zen thinking long and hard about how to escape.

There weren't many abilities he could use on the Other Shore. Because of its nature, the Strength God Totem could only increase Zen's strength — it wasn't nearly enough to force himself out of the tentacles' range.

The Eye of Will's power was indeed excellent, but for it to be truly effective, it had to be combined with great swordsmanship skills. In this situation, it was practically useless.

Currently, two tentacles began the third round of cutting.

This time, Zen gritted his teeth and leaped on full strength. In the little window of opportunity, he managed to evade the tentacles and start running out of the cave.

But the enclosure was already densely crowded with tentacles. Before he could take any more steps forward, another one hit his legs.


The whip-like hit made Zen lose his balance. Before he fell to the ground, several tentacles wrapped around him, dragging him deeper into the cave.

Their severe grip left him with no chance of escape.

When someone entered the Other Shore, it was normally difficult for others to tell if their Souls of Light were trapped or injured. The only way to understand one's condition was to examine one's mind.

But because Zen entered the Other Shore with his physical body, his case was another story.

Any injuries he suffered on the Other Shore affected his real body in the Source World.

"Zen is injured! Is he in a fight?"

"What's happening on the Other Shore?"

"I hope he's okay…"

Zen's body in the Source World sat on the second floor of his courtyard house. His eyes were shut tightly as he cringed like he was in pain. Wounds began appearing on his body abruptly — blood even started gushing out.

His condition put Letitia and Margaret in a panic. Dorothy rushed to his side and tried to help treat the fresh wounds.

After sending Elvinia's body to the Flow Sword Sect, Flamine stayed with them.

While she couldn't see what was going on at Stage Thirteen of the Other Shore, she knew that Elvinia was in a critical situation — she couldn't just leave protecting Elvinia up to Zen alone.

At the sight of Zen's terrible wounds, Flamine felt a sense of foreboding.

What about Elvinia? Was she with him? Was she

nsed approaching danger and swayed gently within the depths of her soul like a helpless little girl in the face of a hungry wolf.

Once her Memory Flame was devoured, her true consciousness would vanish into thin air — something akin to death.

"I've already found you. Where do you think you can escape?" Teague's soul smiled maliciously as he mocked her. He could almost smell the flame's fragrance.

The white shadow flashed gently as it grabbed the vulnerable Memory Flame in its hand — it trembled violently and swayed in Teague's palm. Indeed, there was no way to escape.

But just as he raised the flame to his mouth, ready to swallow it, something unexpected began unfolding.

A sudden flash of scarlet-golden flame appeared, proceeded by beams of golden light that started spreading within her soul.

"Wha-what's going on?!" Teague's eyes were wide as they darted around, wondering what the scene before him was.

Suddenly, he began groaning in pain.

A burning sensation came over his palm. Before he could react, Elvinia's Memory Flame began scorching him, forcing him to throw it away.

Realizing that something was going terribly wrong, he chose to flee.

Teague was a purified being — he was at the beginning of a new life where a bright future awaited him. He couldn't afford to perish just yet.

But the golden flames were spreading rapidly, far beyond his imagination.

In the blink of an eye, the flames had formed a cage around him, making him a prisoner within the depths of Elvinia's soul.

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