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   Chapter 3309 Cutting

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There was no time for Elvinia to check the cave before jumping inside.

But when she heard Zen warn her from above, she resisted on instinct, releasing golden whips from her Soul of Light and lashing at the white shadow that appeared before her.


When she used her divine flames of the Sun Crow race on the Other Shore, they were like a soul theurgy. The power of the flames imposed on physical bodies was rather ordinary, but if the opponent was in soul form, their power was not to be scoffed at.

And the white shadow was in just soul form.

As the divine flames almost hit the figure, Elvinia felt a sudden strange force.

The force sent her flying horizontally without warning—the golden whips deviated from the attack as she lost control.


She hit the wall hard.

Her Soul of Light was, of course, incomparable to Zen's. After the collision, she passed out immediately.

The force exerted on her wasn't dissipating—it kept her nailed firmly to the wall.


The white shadow didn't seem to have any intention of killing her, though. After knocking her unconscious, it flew in closer.

"No way!"

Zen had no idea what it was planning, but from its actions, he could vaguely guess what it was up to, so he didn't want it anywhere near Elvinia.

The power of the Strength God Totem emanated from his body as he got ready to leap into the air.

Over the past three days, he had replenished his power with a considerable amount of divine crystals. His two Other Shore Tokens were in their best state.

But just as he was about to jump, he felt his feet sink into the ground.


Zen felt his heart skip a beat as he carefully examined the situation—his eyes went wide.

The moment he entered the cave, the ground felt soft—he figured it was just the soil.

But now that his feet were stuck, he realized that he was stepping on huge lumps of meat.

In fact, the entire floor was covered

ow did the tentacles cut through the monkeys' bones?

No matter how strong they were, tentacles were soft in nature. At most, they could only tear the bodies into pieces like one would tear paper. But Zen could see that the pieces of bone were cleanly cut and extremely smooth. Apparently, they were cut by some sharp weapons.

While he pondered, two more tentacles extended from within the cave.

They were slightly thinner than the others, but each had a row of sharp teeth on one side—Zen's questions about the bones were answered.


The soft tentacles held Zen's body in place as the other two rushed toward him.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack...

As the two tentacles moved backward and forward around Zen's shoulders, their rows of teeth were like saws as they cut into Zen's body.

As the cutting began, a burning pain shot through Zen's arms and his shoulders were covered in blood. The tentacles' strength was beyond anything Zen could have ever imagined.

If the sawing went on, he'd be left in pieces soon. His brows furrowed tightly as he thought of his predicament.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack...

The tentacles continued the torturous motion.

In the second round of cutting, they had reached his flesh and muscles—the white of his bones was already visible.

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