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   Chapter 3284 Human-Monkey Monsters

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Evidently, the one who stood on the far end of the line had no idea about what was going on.

Naturally, when everyone turned to look at him, he became cautious. Suddenly baffled by the unwanted attention, he began to eye himself up. As he glanced sideways, his gaze fell on the black tail, which caused him to stiffen up.

Although he had no clue what it was, there was a high probability it came from under the wooden bridge. If so, then it must have been a creature from the Dark Region!

Even though he tried his best to remain calm, the situation at hand required a lot of wits to do so. His Soul of Light couldn't help but have a strong fluctuation out of fear.

"Help! Someone, please help me!"

he shouted but in a low voice for a few people near him to hear.

When the other disciples close to him noticed the tail, they were too scared to approach him and help.

Now that they didn't want to alarm the creature, they had to walk on the wooden bridge with careful steps.

When he realized his calls were all for naught and no one would come to his aid, the disciple paced anxiously to get as further away from the tail as possible.

But just as he moved, the tail with a hook shot up in the sky. It began to spiral in the air before it aimed itself towards the disciple.

"All of you get down now!"

Zen shouted on top of his lungs. Then, he dashed towards the tail while jumping over the heads of the disciples.

These Souls of Light were powerful. However, they were not strong enough to fight against the monsters that resided on the Other Shore. What was more frightening was the fact that this creature was from the Dark Region. No one but Zen could handle a situation such as this.

When Zen's words rang in the ears of the disciple, he instinctively ducked in time for the tail to miss its target.

But now, Zen had only managed to pass over Elvinia's head. He was still far away from the reach of that disciple. The tail, on the other hand, was much more flexible in its movements than anyone could have imagined.

Although it missed, the tail did not seem to retreat. Instead, it went around the bridge. The disciple who had been lying on the bridge had no space left to go. He was surrounded. The teammates of the disciple watched in horror as the creature from the Dark Region pierced his Soul of Light and moved out of the bridge.

In an attempt to rescue him, Zen jumped up in the air and reached his hand out to grab ahold of the disciple.

But the tail seemed to have eyes of its own and had seen Zen approach it swiftly. Suddenly, it swept right to lead Zen in the wrong direction and bypassed him. With quick movements, the creature shrank into the darkness under the bridge with the disciple still in its grasp.

Desperate shouts of help were heard from the disciple when his

the behind.

Not too far behind them, a thick red python was covering most of the wooden bridge. It twisted and turned its body to move forward. Sometimes, it would move towards the darkness to camouflage itself, and occasionally it would show up on the bridge. In front of the python were a few monsters. From their appearance, they seemed to be half-human and half-monkey. As the python slithered its way towards them, they galloped wildly to get away from it.

Their tails were exactly the same as the one that pulled the disciple into the darkness. It was apparent that they were the monsters that hid under the bridge.


Of course, these human-monkey monsters' movements were remarkably agile, but it was still hard for them to escape the clutches of the python. Every time the red python looked up and clenched its teeth towards them, a human-monkey monster would be swallowed whole into its stomach.

After gobbling up several human-monkey monsters, the red python raised its head to scout its next prey. Its huge tongue slithered out of its mouth when it discovered Zen and the others. "Hiss..."

Without wasting a moment, the red python went around the wooden bridge and crawled forward at an incredibly fast speed.

"Hurry, let's go now!"

At this point, they could all agree on one thing: to run and escape as further away as possible from this creature.

However, the power of the Souls of Light had their limitations. In terms of speed, they couldn't compare with a physical body.

Zen felt anxiety build up in his body as he noticed the Souls of Light would struggle to keep up with him. At this rate, the red python would catch up to them in seconds and devour them one by one.

Under such circumstances, he suddenly thought of a plan and shouted towards them, "Quick! All of you grab onto each other! I will drag all of you with me as I run!"

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