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   Chapter 3275 The Thin Wall

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 7000

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Zen had already obtained a great deal of soul crystal, so the willow did not interest him at all.

They went down the steps and crossed the path through the middle of the courtyard.

There were other Souls of Light sucking the willow essence and looking for the Other Shore Tokens in the courtyard. They all focused their eyes on Zen as he walked by.

They had spent one million soul pills to enter the Grand Sky Temple.

For that price, just a little walk in the courtyard was definitely not enough.

Most Souls of Light were waiting here, although some had already crossed the courtyard to look for the way leading to the Dark Region themselves.

The further end of the temple was incredibly dangerous. They'd be dancing with death if they attempted to explore it blindly, without any assistance.

The Ear Mice had opened the door to the Grand Sky Temple and it seemed as though Zen had some sort of deal with them. Believing they must have concocted some great plan, most of them had stayed back to follow behind them.

And so, when they passed through the courtyard, everyone sucking the willow essence and searching for Other Shore Tokens stopped what they were doing and shuffled closer to Zen.

Zen paid them no mind and let them follow on, but the Ear Mice were quite displeased.

"Squeak! Squeak!"

"Squeak! Squeak!"

The Ear Mice did not want to go along with these Souls of Light of other races, so they had opted to enter the Grand Sky Temple last.

They hadn't expected the Souls of Light to be so lazy and incompetent. They had no plan to search for the treasures themselves. All they wanted was to follow them and reap the rewards of their labor.

One of the Ear Mice turned and yelled back at the Souls of Light with annoyance, "Squeak!

Don't follow us!"

Outside the Grand Sky Temple, the Ear Mice had the final say.

After all, they had opened the door and set powerful restrictions.

But inside the temple, the other races gave them no respect.

"Hey, mice, you need to remember one thing; we have paid the soul pills!"

"The temple is not

uckus coming from behind him.

The underground passageway was not long, only over a thousand feet. At the end of it was a basement where a row of large oddly shaped stones were placed.

The stones were all very smooth, except for some oval hollows in the center. It seemed as though something had once been embedded in the sunken parts, but they were no longer here.

Zen and his group arrived at the basement, followed shortly after by over one thousand Souls of Light of the other races.

The basement would have been spacious were it not for the more than a thousand creatures crowding it.

One of the Ear Mice said to Zen, "Squeak! It is this wall! If you break this wall, we can enter the Dark Region!"

Hearing 'the Dark Region' excited everyone. This was what they had come for.

"It is this wall," Zen repeated.

He walked up to the wall and gently scratched the surface. The wall began to glow with a metallic luster.

The material of the wall was similar to that of the Grand Sky Temple. That would mean it should be made of some sort of mixed metal.

Zen tapped the wall lightly and a crisp echo rang throughout the basement. From that sound it was clear the Ear Mice had not lied; the wall was indeed very thin.


Facing the wall, Zen took a step back and gathered power within his hand. He clenched it into a fist and unleashed a heavy blow to the wall.

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