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   Chapter 3249 The Past Scare

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"What happened?"

"Did the city wall collapse?"

"Who was strong enough to destroy the wall?" "Was it the Ghost Sneaking Beast?"

Creatures in Stage Twelve of the Other Shore were not limited to those from the Abyss Spirit race and the Separate Abyss race.

It was also home to unique and powerful beasts, one of which was the Ghost Sneaking Beast.

The Souls of Light in the eleventh stage of the Other Shore Realm were not strong enough to destroy the city wall, but the Ghost Sneaking Beast could.

As usual, Zen, too, was an exception. He could easily destroy the city wall, which was why the Separate Abyss race was astounded by his power.

"What's that?"

"He seems to be a simple human."

"He's not in soul form. Unbelievable!"

Upon seeing Zen, members of the Separate Abyss race gasped.

They could not believe what they were seeing.

Zen squinted as he walked. He remained completely unbothered by their reactions.

He walked calmly and on his toes towards a huge building. Then he crashed into the pillars of the building.

As he moved forward, the pillars broke into pieces.

Members of the Separate Abyss race hastily tried to approach Zen without considering the risks.

"No matter which race you come from! You are courting death!"

"No one has ever dared to go against us, especially not a mere human like you!"

"Are you from the Bearing race?"

Zen didn't want to waste any more time on them.

For those who approached him boldly, Zen simply flicked his arm to smash their Souls of Light.

He had killed several of their members and the Separate Abyss race was quickly realizing how much of a threat he really was.

But they did not give up. They did not leave the Other Shore. Despite Zen's display of strength, they gathered behind him and cursed him. They wanted to stop him but did not dare approach him.

Then, they heard the sound of a rumble.

Zen had passed through another huge building a moment before its collapse.

He walked towards the center of the city, triggering the collapse of every building he passed by.

Nothing could stop him.

More and more members of the Separate Abyss race followed behind Zen. Each time a building collapsed, their heart

ar, Zen pushed it out with his hand.

The bone spear lashed in the air. It emitted a whistling sound as it landed directly on the chest of an Abyss Spirit knight.


Blood spewed out of the body of the Abyss Spirit knight. He lost his balance and fell from the back of the eagle. His bleeding body lay crumpled on the ground. The eagle, disoriented from what happened, followed suit. It flapped its wings to carry itself up but failed.

Zen grabbed another spear and threw it towards another Abyss Spirit knight rushing towards him.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Zen kept on throwing spears, each time hitting an Abyss Spirit knight right on the chest. Bodies fell from the sky and crushed on the ground.

The Abyss Spirit race was indeed stronger than the Souls of Light, but they were only creatures of Stage Eleven. This meant that Zen was still miles stronger in terms of pure physical strength.

A total of eight Abyss Spirit knights lay on the ground. The others panicked behind Zen, trying to force the eagles into flight.

Suddenly, a look of terror dawned on the faces of the Abyss Spirit knights.

"Does he cultivate Wild God Power?"

"Are we dealing with a Wild God once more?"

"No way! Rules have been changed. No Wild God could enter the Other Shore. It has been like that for the past tens of millions of years!"

The Abyss Spirit knights exchanged frightened murmurs as they shared the memories of the time when they were dominated by Wild Gods.

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