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   Chapter 3237 The Real Strength

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Seamus scratched his chin in surprise. He didn't expect anyone would be able to escape.

Then again, he didn't expect that Milo's sword strike would freeze the wall and Zen would create a hole big enough for himself to get through.

With a shrug, Seamus waved the thought away. He didn't care about Zen's escape; after all, he was just one out of the many disciples gathered here. Right after his escape, disciples of the Divine Farmer race blocked the hole.

What truly bothered Seamus was that the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace still fought fiercely despite being overpowered by the Champion Fish.

When Zen was trapped by the Champion Fish, Efrain carried the severely injured Milo on his back.

As Zen took care of majority of the Champion Fish, Efrain and the others grabbed the opportunity to escape. However, as they were rushing out, they saw Zen cornered by a group of massive Champion Fish. They felt their hearts sink, knowing they failed to turn the tables and even lost Zen.

Once Efrain and Milo were safely on the other side, the other disciples pressed their backs against the wall, fighting tooth and nail to defend themselves.

"Did Zen really get swallowed by the Champion Fish?" Unable to believe the news, Konnor grabbed Efrain by the arm, gripping him tightly.

The other elite disciples exchanged uneasy glances.

"He was too impulsive..."

"Alas, I don't think we'll be able to escape either. He isn't the only fallen disciple." Low morale permeated the atmosphere, as the disciples mourned the loss of their companions.

"Look!" someone suddenly cried out. "The Champion Fish are coming!"

Out of the five who had broken out of the encirclement and tried to kill Seamus, one had lost his life. However, they had managed to almost kill Seamus. While this lifted their spirits momentarily, they had been unable to turn the tables in their favor, dampening their spirits just as quickly.

The disciples banded together, ready to fight for their lives with everything they got.

However, upon a closer look, these Champion Fish looked different. They were bigger in size, on a higher defense level. It was extremely difficult to kill them off with only soul strength.

As swarms of Champion Fish surged forward to close in on their prey, the Oneness Sky Palace disciples gritted their teeth. Soon, the disciples dwindled in numbers as one by one, the Champion Fish killed or injured them. With every lost disciple, their morale sank lower and lower.

"We are done for."

"I never expected I'd die like this."

"I'm not giving up!"

Dorothy declared as h

d towards the direction of the sound. Much to her surprise, a large crack appeared on the wall not too far from her.

A pair of hands reached in from the other side of the wall, ripping open the crack. From the hole in the wall, a person stepped inside.

The disciples whipped their heads around to face the new presence. They could sense this person was not a Soul of Light, but a physical body.

"Who is he?"

"How did a physical body get here?"

"Haven't there been rumors about him? Someone has entered the Sea of Truth with his body. Is he the one?"

Although everyone was confused, they still had their guard up. After all, they didn't know if he was friend or foe.

The Oneness Sky Palace disciples had lost the will to fight, and froze in place, unsure of what to do. Even Seamus hesitated, unsure as to how to deal with this newcomer. But before he found the words to say, the figure stepped onto an altar.


With just a stomp, the Champion Fish Altar was smashed into thousands of pieces.

All the Champion Fish that were born from that altar suddenly exploded into thin air.

"What are you doing? Stop!" Seamus shouted at the figure in shocked anger.

The Bearing race had paid a price to get these altars that could produce Champion Fish. Each of the altars was extremely precious. Seamus didn't expect that someone could destroy the altars.

Zen ignored Seamus and proceeded to jump onto another altar, crushing it beneath his feet.


The second altar was smashed to pieces, and again, many Champion Fish vanished.

With every step he took, Zen trampled a Champion Fish Altar. Before Seamus even had the time to react, more than ten altars were destroyed, with nothing left but shards.

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