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   Chapter 3233 Predicament

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As Zen tried to destroy the smoke wall, several Champion Fish rushed towards him secretly.

They had begun to open their mouths, ready to bite into Zen's body when a small sword pierced through them, cutting all of them into pieces.

"Be careful, Zen," Dorothy warned, concerned.

Dorothy was keeping an eye on Zen's surroundings while he concentrated on destroying the wall.

"This wall is too strong. It's too difficult to destroy," Zen said, frowning.

They could neither break through the wall, nor leave the Other Shore. A constant stream of Champion Fish kept emerging from the altars. This was a dead end for the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace.

The Champion Fish could not hurt Zen but the other disciples were in great trouble.

The Champion Fish shot out of the altars from all directions and charged at the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace. The Bearing race and the Divine Farmer race seemed to have used some special method that caused the Champion Fish to ignore them.

One of the weaker disciples was slower than the others in his escape and soon found himself surrounded by a large group of Champion Fish. Before he could react, the malicious creatures had torn his Soul of Light apart. He screamed in pain, desperate for relief, as his soul was mercilessly ripped into shreds. But his scream only lasted three seconds before the Champion Fish ate up his soul.

As more and more disciples met the same fate, their pathetic screams echoed across the place from time to time. It was like witnessing the worst kind of hell on earth as the Champion Fish devoured the Souls of Light of the poor disciples.

Quite a few elites of the Oneness Sky Palace were present and all of them, including Milo, could protect only themselves.

"There's no point in going on like this," Zen muttered, as the number of Champion Fish swelled. He climbed onto an altar and roared, raising his voice through his soul power, "All disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace! Please stay close to me!"

The disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace heeded his words and began to move towards him.

Zen had been charging forward at the front, the rest following him in a loose formation. At his summons, the elite disciples gathered together tightly, trying to keep as close to him as possible.

The weaker disciples were at the center, surrounded and protected by the others, while the Indigo Souls who were capable of fighting the Champion Fish remained in the outer circle.

They stayed close to each other, their backs against the edges of the altars.

The Champion Fish kept coming at them with a ferocity that was unmatched. But the moment they made it near the crowd, the d

estroy the altars instead?" someone piped up suddenly.

The altars that the Bearing race had summoned had fully materialized by now. Dorothy and a few others stepped gingerly onto some of them. If any Champion Fish were to fly out of the altars, they could immediately kill them from where they stood.

There were over a hundred altars here. If they could destroy all of them, they might still have a chance of surviving.

"I don't think it's that easy," Dorothy said skeptically.

The Necklace of Mystic Soul hanging on her chest flashed and a soul sword that had been floating beside, shot fiercely towards an altar.


But the small sword merely bounced away with a clanging sound.

These altars were almost as strong as the temples, which was why they were unable to break them.

A few other disciples tried to have a go after Dorothy, but ended up with the same result.

Zen frowned at this disappointing sight, wondering what else they could do.

If his Soul of Light could get out of the Other Shore and he then returned with his physical body, he believed that he could destroy these altars.

But if he could get out of the Other Shore, it meant that the others could do just the same. This would no longer be a predicament to them.


The Champion Fish in the distance were swirling and spiraling upwards into the air, forming a protecting layer around a Soul of Light. Seamus.

"You're still under the illusion that you have a chance of survival, aren't you?" Seamus said, smiling. "Let me break the illusion for you and turn you into feed for these Champion Fish!"

He had barely finished talking when a faint golden light flashed across the mirrors on all the altars. The Champion Fish emerging from the mirrors grew several times in size.

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