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   Chapter 3232 Champion Fish And Smoke Wall

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It was said that a soul was as light as a feather. It drifted anywhere, wherever the wind went.

However, the same rule did not apply in the Other Shore. Souls of Light were heavy. They didn't have the ability to float and fly. Warriors needed a boat to simply cross the Sea of Truth.

When the Soul Binding Threads spread all over an area, it meant that people would move very slowly in that area.

The disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace eagerly wanted to return to the temple to wait for the effect of the Soul Binding Threads to disappear and then they could leave the Other Shore.

Zen and Dorothy were moving swiftly through the crowd, unaffected by the Soul Binding Threads at their feet.

Despite his seeming confidence, Zen was wary that something bad was going to happen.

The Bearing race was making bold moves. They even used soul crystal as bait. Seamus wouldn't let go of them easily.

By the time Zen and Dorothy, leading the crowd, had rushed three to four thousand feet, shadows of altars appeared in the distance.

The altars had steps. They were roughly the size of a house and looked a little unsophisticated.

Zen squinted his eyes to investigate the altars better. He was clueless as to what those altars were for.

Fortunately, the elite disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace knew better. They all muttered a gasp of recognition.

"Champion Fish! These are the Champion Fish Altars!"

"Where did they get so many Champion Fish Altars?"

"There are at most ten-odd of them in the Stage Twelve of Other Shore. But here, there must be over a hundred of them!"

Altars nearly encircled every inch of the arena.

"What is Champion Fish Altar?" Zen asked with a frown.

Although Dorothy had an Indigo Soul, she also had a similarly limited experience as Zen when it came to the Other Shore.

Luckily, she had heard of Champion Fish. "The Champion Fish is a common creature living in the Other Shore. They like gathering inside altars."

A huge sea of sand covered Stage Twelve. Within its vicinity, temples of more than ten greatest races stood.

Almost all of these temples required

at? You'll still end up dead today," Seamus sneered. He then ordered his men, "Ask the Divine Farmer race to kill them. Nobody will be spared!"

Plenty of people from the Divine Farmer race stood as part of the audience. Their presence had long been part of the plan.

After Seamus had given the orders, pink seeds emerged from the edge of the area covered by the Soul Binding Threads. Slowly, the seeds sprouted. Soon, they were going to bear fruits.

As soon as that happened, the fruits withered and started to smoke.

The Divine Farmer race were good at making pills and poison. But the smoke wasn't poison; the smoke curtains created a special enchanted barrier.

When the curtains of smoke reached a few hundred feet above ground, members from the Divine Farmer race said in unison, "Condense!"

The smoke did as ordered. It condensed into a solid round wall that entrapped the disciples within it.

On the other side, Zen was occupied battling the Champion Fish. Together with Dorothy, they had killed at least forty of those fish.

They were surprised to see the weird wall block their way as they reached the altars.


Zen's mind activated. His Mind Sword stabbed the wall of smoke.

The Mind Sword successfully pierced it but, to Zen's dismay, it wasn't able to fully penetrate it. There was something strange with the wall. No matter how hard Zen tried, he could not break it.

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