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   Chapter 3231 Purpose

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The Ji Clan was one of the two large clans of the Bearing race. The Soul Rings that Deon practiced were tough indeed.

Thanks to his Soul Rings, he was able to do as he pleased on Stage Thirteen.

However, that didn't stop Milo from trying. He shot out his Mind Sword, slashing through the three Soul Rings on the outer layer.

Deon's face fell.

Seamus had warned him not to underestimate Milo, yet he was still surprised.

Deon was ranked part of the top ten among the younger generation of the Ji Clan. He had inherited some of the unique skills of the clan. The audiences were stunned. Would he be defeated in one strike?

With a snarl, he reactivated his soul force, summoning more Soul Rings to spread out and protect him.

When Milo's second Mind Sword attacked him again, he leapt to the side, dodging the blade by a hair.

Milo still remained calm.

Since he had mastered the Truth Enlightenment, he was confident in the power of the Heart Slaughtering Strike.

With this power, he might even be able to kill a warrior at the Chaotic Source Realm.

Of course, this would only be possible if the warrior of the Chaotic Source Realm had just cultivated their soul to the Indigo Soul level. After all, after one had the Indigo Soul, they could improve further with enough soul crystal.


An idea flashed through his mind and the invisible Mind Sword began to hover in the air. With a slight smile, he controlled the sword to slash at Deon again.

Deon didn't dare face him head on, and he swiveled to the side to dodge the slash. Moving as flexibly as a snake, he pounced from side to side, narrowly dodging Milo's strikes.

However, the space of the Soul Arena was limited. After several dodges, he was trapped in a corner. Milo slowly headed towards him, taking his sweet time.

Milo continued slashing at him with his invisible Mind Sword, his eyes flashing in anticipation. Finally, all the Soul Rings were shattered into thousands of pieces. Milo pointed his sword at Deon's soul. Deon immediately raised his hand in surrender.

Milo knew when to stop. Withdrawing his Mind Sword, he walked away from the trembling Deon.

"Milo is truly amazing," Dorothy praised, nodding in approval.

Although her Soul of Light had improved a lot, she knew that if she were to fight Deon in the Soul Arena, it wouldn't be so easy for her to win.

Zen nodded in agreement.

Somehow, even though Milo's soul strength was nowhere near as strong as Deon, he had managed to destroy him without breaking a sweat.

If Milo's soul succeeded in t

Seamus's face broke into an even wider smile. Anyway, people on the Other Shore couldn't see each other's expressions. He said, "Go back on my words? The petty soul crystal is nothing compared to the lives of more than half of the elite disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace!" He threw his head back and laughed maniacally.

Almost all the elite disciples on Stage Four had come to the Other Shore. Only a small part who were exploring on Stage Twelve and Stage Thirteen were still on the way here. But Seamus thought the number of warriors that had gathered here was enough.

Milo's expression changed. "What do you mean?"

Dorothy and Zen exchanged anxious glances.

They felt that something was wrong from the beginning, and only now did they finally realize what was going on: it was all an elaborate trap! Seamus only wanted to gather the elite disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace in one place and kill them off!

Dorothy gasped. Was Seamus crazy?


Zen shouted as he grabbed Dorothy and flew backwards.

Although he didn't know what tricks Seamus had under his sleeve, he didn't want to wait to find out. All the disciples who had come to watch were unprepared for an ambush. Anxious cries rose from the crowd.

Seamus continued to laugh hysterically. He and his men had been plotting this for a long time; they were ready for any type of response.


Seamus raised his hands higher. Out of nowhere, Soul Binding Threads burst forth from the ground in a ten thousand-foot radius around the Soul Arena, coiling around the ankles of each and every Soul of Light present. While this didn't restrict their movement, they were tied to the Other Shore and could not leave there.

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