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   Chapter 3230 An Unexpected Bet

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Zen and Dorothy followed the crowd, heading for the back of the Oneness Sky Palace's temple.

A square platform was situated at the intersection of three temples. This was known as the Soul Arena.

The surface of the arena was covered all over with a layer of pale blue powder, which was made of the same material as the Soul Binding Thread.

The powder was used to enforce an important rule. A fighter in the Soul Arena was not allowed to leave the Other Shore. Otherwise, when one was losing, they could simply leave the battle. The powder ensured that warriors who participated in the fight could not just escape.

"Why are there so many people here?" Zen asked, glancing at the crowd of warriors around the arena.

A large number of people were gathered around the Soul Arena, and all of them were strong Souls of Light. Many shone with vivid purple light, indicating that they were Indigo Souls.

"The situation is getting more and more strange," Dorothy said with a frown.

Most people came to the Other Shore primarily to search for suitable Other Shore Tokens. Many were not even interested in the soul battles.

Although the Soul Arena had been established here for a long time, it simply wasn't very popular among warriors.

Now, however, the arena was surrounded with warriors. The people of the Bearing race were present, and the members of the Divine Farmer race were also in the crowd.

When there were still four great human forces, it was the time when humans had forged the strongest unity.

The Bearing race couldn't have wiped out the Nine Li race on their own. They succeeded because they allied with the Divine Farmer race to deal with the people of the Nine Li race.

The cooperation between the Bearing race and the Divine Farmer race had long been a source of some concern to the Oneness Sky Palace. But because the Bearing race and the Oneness Sky Palace were quite distant from each other geographically, the palace was placated, and generally existed in harmony with both the Bearing race and Divine Farmer race.

Yet Athemar's prediction held true. The Oneness Sky Palace would eventually clash with the Bearing race, and the two races would turn against each other.

Seamus Ji, the man who had previously driven the surge of snakes, stepped onto the Soul Arena. The crowd quieted as they focused their attention on him. He waited until everyone was listening, and then said in a loud voice, "Yesterday, ten men of the Bearing race were defeated one after another. My younger brother was one of those men. He sustained soul damage in the fight, a

i. "No one else will get the chance to fight. I can beat all three of you alone."

Seamus Ji sneered at him, and then walked out of the Soul Arena. He motioned for one of his men to step up. "Deon, you will be the first to fight Milo!"

Without hesitation, Deon Ji leaped into the Soul Arena.

There was a hiss of sound, and

six purple Soul Rings appeared above his head.

His cold, powerful Indigo Soul sent out a strong aura across the Soul Arena, and weaker Souls of Light trembled at its force.

Milo smiled faintly. His own Soul of Light emanated in the arena wisps of white light that swept out and formed a small whirlpool which emitted a bold, sharp intent.

"What a strong truth aura!" Dorothy exclaimed, gazing at the shining white whirlpool of light.

Zen smiled. "Can't you figure out the origin of the white light?"

Dorothy thought for a moment and then responded, "That's the Truth Enlightenment! How could he combine it with his soul theurgy so soon?"

She had practiced the first one hundred and fifty words of the Truth Enlightenment, and thus was able to recognize the origin of the white vortex.

"It is," Zen nodded. "I'm not sure yet either."

Maybe Milo had mastered it in such a short period of time because the first hundred-odd words of the Truth Enlightenment were a perfect match of the Flow Strike.

In contrast, the Origin Swordsmanship practiced by Dorothy was not a soul theurgy, and she hadn't gone deep into this aspect. It was not easy to combine the two—perhaps it would have to be done by her grandmother.


In an instant, the white light released by Milo had vanished, and in its place, an invisible sharp sword appeared, rushing rapidly towards Deon Ji.

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