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   Chapter 3204 The Phoenix Palace

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In the Sword Tower, Sellers saw Zen rush in. The mask he had on was only barely concealing the helpless smile underneath.

"Master Sellers! I just came back to Dragon City. I heard that Nelly, Laquisha and Lavender had been taken away. Which sect did they join?" Zen asked.

Usually, the warriors in the Dragon City who had gone up the mountain would join the Flow Sword Sect, the Killing Sword Sect or the Unique Array Sword Sect.

But sometimes, the other six mountains would choose the disciples in the Dragon City too.

"They didn't join any," Sellers said with a light shake of his head.

"What do you mean?" Zen frowned. He figured they must have been under house arrest instead.

Was it the Vastness Mountain disciples who had taken them away?

Zen's brows furrowed deeper. Suddenly, he felt the urge to kill flow through his veins.

"Someone from the Phoenix Palace took them away," Sellers said. "Did you do anything to offend them?"

The Phoenix Palace was the core of the Oneness Mountain.

The palace only trained and recruited disciples who were in the direct line of Eastern Emperor Taiyi.

Lavender, Nelly, and Laquisha were talented, but none of them were qualified to enter the Phoenix Palace.

Their sudden kidnapping to the Phoenix Palace was odd. Sellers figured that Zen must have had something to do with it.

"Me? Offend the Phoenix Palace?" Zen rubbed his chin as he tried to recall. Then, a trace of cold light flashed through his eyes. "Elvinia!" he exclaimed.

Sellers gasped. "What did you do to offend her?" he asked.

Not every descendant of Eastern Emperor Taiyi held a high status, but Elvinia was highly favored.

Sellers tried to stop the Phoenix Palace from taking away Zen's women, but he was threatened by a powerful warrior from the palace. He wondered whom Zen had offended to lead to this.

Finally, Sellers gained clarity.

"Humph!" Zen snorted. "It was nothing. We just had some conflict in the Seven Mountains Meeting."

Whatever happened between them, Zen found it

o far away.

Zen's guess was correct.

To protect the Phoenix Palace, Eastern Emperor Taiyi had arranged the Primitive Illusion.

It was designed with the eighteen pillars passed down from the Primitive Temple. The pillars were almost invincible. No normal method worked against them.

Gratefully, they were free of wars and major conflicts now, and so the Primitive Illusion wasn't fully activated.

Servants, maids and guards needed to go up and down the mountain. They carried with them a special token that allowed them to see the pillars and go as they pleased.

Zen didn't need the special token to see the pillars. He was able to see them with his demonic eye.

He continued to follow the pillars upwards. Finally, he saw a huge palace gate with a plaque that said, "Phoenix Palace."

"Here it is!"

Without any hesitation, Zen went up and knocked on the palace gate.




Obviously, the Phoenix Palace did not receive plenty of visitors. The few distinguished guests usually had their own ushers.

No one in recent history had done what Zen did. No one just climbed up the mountain, navigated the fog, and knocked at the palace gate.

So, when they heard the loud banging on the gate, the golden-armored guards of the Phoenix Palace were taken aback. They looked among themselves, wondering who it could be.

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