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   Chapter 3191 Melting

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If it were an ordinary metal, it would have been burnt to a crisp by the green light.

But these two weapons were forged by Shade Stones, which made them more durable than ordinary Other Shore Treasures.

They remained unscathed despite being exposed to the green light.

The Nine Edges Weapon Refining Array was not stable when it had just been activated. With the passing of an hour, the green light gradually stabilized. The surface of the hammer looked as though it were coated with a layer of sugar, and the blade of the Shade Phoenix Sword also seemed different.

"Amazing. The speed is actually fast now," Zen said as he examined both weapons.

Cailen withdrew from the position he was in charge of and walked up to stand beside Zen. "What have been melted now are just impurities in the weapons. We still need to remove the rest of the impurities one by one. This process is very complicated and slow, and it takes at least three days. Are you going to wait here all the time?"

If one wanted to forge weapons with Shade Stone, the method involved adding other materials. The removal of these materials required the melting process.

"Yes, I don't mind waiting here." Zen nodded, still staring at the two weapons, and his hands clasped behind his back.

It was not that he didn't trust the Su Clan. He wanted to stay and supervise the process because the Shade Stone liquid was of great importance to him.

After four hours, Eira was escorted there.

Next to the Nine Edges Weapon Refining Array, there was an array in intense blood-red color. This scene reminded Zen of what he saw at Blue Cloud City.

This time, Eira was much more spirited than before. After she took the Blood Upgrading Pill, the concentration of her blood increased substantially. Gant held her hand and escorted her into the blood array, offering comfort.

As she stood inside, wisps of blood power of the Ore Shadow race emanated from her body and entered the two weapons.

Sizz, sizz...

The Shade Phoenix Sword quickly reacted, and a thin silver thread was extracted from it, which manifested itself into a small silver metal ball.

"This is the Sword Hard Steel, which is a very precious material. I melted it into the Shade Stone back then. I never thought I would have to extract it out one day," Cailen said as he sighed in disappointment.

The Shade Phoenix Sword was his creation. His heart resisted at the thought of having to melt it with the same hands that forged it. But since that was what Zen wanted, he had no other choice but to go along with it.


Sometime after, the Shade Phoenix Sword let out a golden thread, it was the Golden Silkworm Gold, which held high value.

Sizz, sizz...

As the process continued, various materials were extracted from the Shade Phoenix Sword, which eventually turned into tiny balls and floated around Cailen.

Just then, the hammer beside the swor

such a small favor?"

Persistent, Zen kept on insisting Cailen accept them, and he would repeatedly refuse. This went on for a while before Cailen spoke, "Oh, right! The Ripple Pavilion rally will take place soon. We Su Clan can't take these twenty million divine crystals, but there is something else you can do in return. Zen, how would you feel about assisting us in the battle ring?"

"Battle ring?" Zen asked, suddenly baffled by such a request.

"Yes. The Ripple Pavilion rally is a big day for the clans around the Clear Lake. At that time, the younger generation will go into the battle ring to compete. Since you are an elite disciple of the Oneness Palace, you must be quite strong. It would really help us to win." Cailen appealed to Zen with hopeful eyes.

Zen only came to Clear Lake to obtain the Shade Stone liquid, and he had no interest in any battle ring competition. In fact, he didn't mind paying a huge amount of divine crystals. He was more inclined towards covering the costs and going about his day.

Eavesdropping on their conversation, Gant suddenly joined in and approached Zen with long strides. "Yes, Flag Master! You should join us! It'll be a lot of fun with you in the Ripple Pavilion rally! After all, it is the biggest festival here at Clear Lake. You can't miss it."

With their unwavering insistence, Zen waved his hands in the air as a sign of surrender and accepted their invitation.

He was excited about the Shade Stone liquid and wanted to test it as soon as possible.

Upon returning to the backyard of the Su Clan, he plopped to the ground with his legs crossed and set up an enchanted barrier. Then, he took off his shirt.

Quickly, he uncorked the bottle. At this action, wisps of Shade Stone liquid emanated from the head of the container.

The size of each Shade Stone was fixed, so the amount of the Shade Stone liquid was naturally twice as much as what he had obtained last time.

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