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   Chapter 3180 Zen's Decision

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"Princess Elvinia, even you haven't seen Eastern Emperor Taiyi all these years?!" Athemar's jaw dropped in shock.

It had been a long time since the last time Eastern Emperor Taiyi emerged from his seclusion.

It was common for mighty warriors to cultivate in seclusion for hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of years. However, with the delicate state of the world, they needed him now more than ever.

The leaders of many great forces were busy making their preparations. However, Eastern Emperor Taiyi had chosen to use this time to cultivate in seclusion, which some found strange.

"If that is the case, how did you control the huge stone just now?" Athemar asked once more.

Elvinia shrugged. She wasn't afraid to tell them the truth. "Well, when I was cultivating in my palace, my maid sent me a piece of paper. There were 63 words on that paper. It was the Truth Enlightenment of the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent!"

Everyone in the cave gasped.

"The Truth Enlightenment!"

"Really? Eastern Emperor Taiyi has made a breakthrough! He was able to decipher 63 words!"

Elvinia was never one to shy away from uncomfortable discussions. Surveying the surprised faces surrounding her, she asked bluntly, "Do you also want to cultivate the Truth Enlightenment?"

Athemar, Goran and other two saluted immediately, but said, "We dare not."

The Truth Enlightenment was the fruit of Eastern Emperor Taiyi's painstaking efforts, and they were all his subordinates. Without his permission, even if Elvinia gave them the Truth Enlightenment, they did not dare to try learning it.

"Alright. So what exactly is the point of me staying here? If you truly want to learn the Truth Enlightenment, just go to my father," Elvinia said, a tinge of annoyance in her tone. She was always difficult to speak with.

With her blunt words hanging in the air, a silence fell over the people as they shuffled around in embarrassment. They had been well-known masters in the Oneness Sky Palace for a while now, and yet this young girl was accusing them of coveting the Truth Enlightenment.

However, Zen couldn't stand her arrogance. "These masters just wanted to know how you controlled the huge stone. What makes you think they want to practice the Truth Enlightenment? You are insulting them! You're being too arrogant."

Since Elvinia was being rudely straightforward, Zen lashed her mercilessly with harsh words.

"Humph," Elvinia huffed indignantly. "The Truth of Eternal Sword Intent is a power releasing theurgy, and the Truth Enlightenment can make up for all its shortcomings. If you can comprehend all of the Truth Enlightenment, you can reach a whole new level of cultivation. The Truth Enlightenment is a supreme technique, a

words. Do you really think that only Eastern Emperor Taiyi is capable of deciphering the two Sanskrit words in this world?"

Elvinia's mouth hung agape but no words were uttered. Zen left her speechless.

Unable to contain her fury, she suddenly darted forward and yanked the white rice paper from Zen's hands. With a haughty glare aimed at him, she tore the paper to shreds, and then abruptly turned to leave.

Athemar and the others didn't even try to stop her.

The elders had silently internalized all the words Zen had written down. It didn't matter that the paper was torn into pieces.

Watching Elvinia's receding figure, Athemar let out a hearty laugh. "Zen, you've spent most of your time practicing after you joined the Flow Sword Sect; you are indeed strong-willed. However, you can't just openly offend Princess Elvinia. After all, she's Eastern Emperor Taiyi's daughter."

"Don't worry. Eastern Emperor Taiyi is an understanding man! Plus, she isn't the only daughter he has, so he won't mind." Goran waved his hand nonchalantly.

There was a twinkle in his eyes. He was not only comforting Zen, but also reassuring him he had his support. The Oneness Governor's status in the Oneness Sky Palace was far greater than that of Eastern Emperor Taiyi's children. It didn't really matter that Zen had offended one of them.

"Zen, I wonder how you have deciphered those Sanskrit words. Are there more words that you've deciphered?" Athemar asked curiously.

Zen was not surprised to hear the question from Athemar. He had already prepared for it. The Truth Enlightenment was so important to the Oneness Sky Palace, that it was impossible for him to present all the words his son had deciphered in one go. Today, he was willing to offer the one hundred words only because he wanted to see their reactions.

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