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   Chapter 3151 Metal Flower Branch

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"Don't tell me you've done nothing but wait here."

Although he had just said that, Zen sensed a big difference in Dorothy's Soul of Light.

The power hidden within was several times stronger than before!

"Of course not, I have already entered Stage Four!" Dorothy replied, displeased.

She waited for Zen here, but he left for the Blue Cloud City without notifying her. If it weren't for the fact that someone didn't allow her to leave the Bloom Divine Province, she might have gone after him.

"Hold on. Stage Four? So soon?" Zen took a few steps back as he stared at her completely awestruck.

However, Dorothy was casual about her achievement. "I have absorbed the soul crystal. You should have been more amazed if I hadn't reached Stage Four. I would have progressed even further if I wasn't waiting for you."

To be fair, the Other Shore was vast. It wasn't so accurate to divide the different cultivation bases by stages of the Other Shore.

Dorothy stood with her arms crossed and an agitated vein protruded from her forehead as she was displeased with Zen. Affectionately, he lightly patted her on the head and ruffled her hair. "Alright, alright. I won't do that again. Come on, let's go. We have some soul pills to collect. There are too many, and I don't know what to do with them."

"Too many soul pills? Where did you get them from?" Dorothy tilted her head in confusion and followed Zen obediently.

"Just come with me, and you'll see," Zen said with a smile.

Following Zen, Dorothy found herself back at the entrance of the Sacred Mallow Temple.

As they approached it, the hundred people Zen left behind to guard the gate for him were keeping their end of the deal and stood firm blocking it.

When the people saw two strangers approach the entrance, they were immediately alerted and straightened themselves up nervously.

Both Zen and Dorothy had absorbed the soul crystal. Moreover, Dorothy was already at the fourth stage of the Other Shore Realm, and she had been cultivating the Grand Fighting Soul Formula. Her mere presence was overwhelming and imposed pressure on those people.

Regardless of the situation, one of the men guarding the entrance stepped up, and walked over to them. "You are not allowed to go any further. Someone powerful is in there!"

They knew that they didn't stand a chance against these two. Their best bet was to intimidate them with Zen instead.

"Why should I listen to you?"

Dorothy be

t couldn't break it with the Soul of Light. This time, it would be different."

He pointed towards the crack, while closing his distance.

As he was a few feet away from it, he focused his power onto his fist and jabbed at the crack.


The temple wasn't strong enough to resist his punch.

As a result, the crack expanded when his fist came in contact with it.

After a few more of his blows, the wall caved in and collapsed.

"I knew it!"

As Zen expected, there was a secret room behind the crack.

When they peered into the place, it was pitch-black and desolate. However, as they examined more intently, the view of a floating silhouette made their eyes glisten under the dark setting of the room.

It was in the shape of a flower branch glimmering in the dark, and it was intricately carved with metal. The shiny flower branch rotated slowly in the air, graciously providing the mysterious room with its light.

"It does not have any Other Shore Power!" Dorothy exclaimed, keeping her eyes fixated on the metal branch.

Almost everything on the Other Shore contained Other Shore Power, from a grain of sand to an entire temple. The only deciding factor was how much Other Shore Power they had.

This flower branch was quite rare since they couldn't sense any Other Shore Power emanating from it.

"How come something like this exists in the temple of the Dreaded Eye Demons?" Zen had expected something more.

He had hoped that there would be some Other Shore Token more powerful than the Eye of Will in this secret room, but this flower branch didn't seem to have any energy, and thus couldn't be fused.

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