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   Chapter 3149 Shera

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Terror flashed across the Evil God's face as the woman in black dress exposed his secret.

The existence of the Rebirth Land was a fetter and a form of protection to the Evil God at the same time.

But if the Rebirth Land could be so easily destroyed, this protection would become a white elephant.

"Just try and kill me if you can!" the Evil God sneered.

He was a formidable man, aloof to the thought of life and death. After all, he had few things to worry about.

The woman sized up the Evil God, a beginner in the Other Shore Realm, with a wide smile on her face.

"If that's the case, I will satisfy you," the woman said, still smiling.

She brought up her fingertips to his face, gently touching his forehead.

"Wait," the Evil God stopped her.

"Afraid of death?" she said scornfully.

She had seen many people act like this. They appeared impassioned, even cocky, before death came. But once it came, they got cold feet. This man before her might also be a wimp.

The Evil God snorted. "I've already killed that monster. Can I have your name?"

The woman was stunned. But she recovered soon enough and said, a smile growing on her lips, "My name is Shera.".

The Evil God closed his eyes at the name. He didn't look terrified even though he was about to face death.

A ghastly-looking death aura then sprawled from her fingertips. It wasn't long before the Evil God stiffened and fell into a daze.

He was an amazing talent, full of an irascible perversity. He should belong to the Black Ship.

She wouldn't kill him, obviously.

She lifted the Evil God while she stared at the leader of the Nineteenth Cave Humans some distance away with her striking eyes.

The leader's heart skipped a beat when he met her gaze.

But she merely began walking, and then gained speed before she galloped upwards.

The leader heaved a long sigh of relief once she left with the Evil God.

If the horrible man was an existence that they could not provoke, then the woman was an existence they dared not have eye contact with.

How could their little Nether Mountain encounter such an existence and survive?

Almost all the races of the other 32 caves had died.

But fortunately, the humans were fine.

Although the horrible man was ferocious, he did care about people who were from the sam


This time, Zen entered the Other Shore with his physical body after burning himself with fire.

The last time around, he had wanted to explore the Sacred Mallow Temple thoroughly, but had been interrupted by the Sun Crow race's intrusion into the Blue Cloud City. He could now explore it. Fully and at his will.

Zen was now on a beach with golden sand.

It wasn't a good time yet to break through to the Other Shore, so there was no Soul of Light on this beach.

He looked around as he walked on.

The topography of Stage One of the Other Shore was pretty simple. Zen could easily find his way to the Sacred Mallow Temple based on his memory.

On his way, Zen remembered the Shade Stone that was inside his body.

Since the Shade Stone had been melted into one with him, and his body had already entered the Other Shore, had this stone been brought here too?

As far as Zen knew, it was difficult to bring external objects out of the Source World into the Other Shore. Only two kinds of things could be taken into the Other Shore. One was the soul pill, and the other was the Other Shore Key.

Thinking of this, Zen tried to manifest the Shade Stone on his arm.

"No reaction," he murmured, shaking his head and smiling.

He had underestimated the Other Shore.

If it really was so simple, so many creatures in the Source World wouldn't have had to risk so much to cross the Sea of Truth.

Zen decided to leave this attempt behind and resumed his journey. It was not long before the Sacred Mallow Temple came into view.

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