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   Chapter 3015 Giving Soul Pills

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Zen could feel people staring at him as he retreated from the Lofty Sword.

They envied Zen, a relatively new member of the Sword Light Palace, yet he was already allowed to see Athemar alone.

Not even the current head and elders received such treatment.

"Zen, come here," Laura said, gesturing for Zen to come closer.

Zen flew towards her.

The eyes of the other palace leaders followed his tracks.

"Well, what did Master Athemar say to you?" Laura asked.

With a smile, Zen responded, "He asked me to join the Oneness Sky Palace. He said he would send someone to pick me up."

"That's great!"

All the people seemed happy, especially Ingram.

He had made a mistake in the past that caused his removal from the Stinger Guards.

The rules of the Sword Light Palace dictated that if he wanted to return, he had to make an achievement in the Sword Dance Palace.

However, he already lost his hope throughout the years. The situation in the Sword Dance Palace did not help at all. He would need a lot of time if he wanted to return.

Since Zen had joined the Oneness Sky Palace as a new disciple of the Sword Dance Palace, full credit would go to Ingram.

It wouldn't be long before Ingram became a Stinger Guard again.

The other palace leaders were jealous.

They were all working hard to train their disciples, perhaps much more than Ingram. Ingram was known to just drink wine each day. He was just lucky to have Zen as a disciple, so they were not convinced at all.

Historically, if the Sword Light Palace offered talented disciples to the Oneness Sky Palace, the latter would give some rewards in return. Given Zen's Instant Enlightenment, the Oneness Sky Palace was expected to give the Sword Light Palace generous rewards.

As soon as that happened, Ingram wouldn't just be able to return as a Stinger Guard, he would also

gin to offend Zen.

Elgin didn't care. He only saw Zen as an outsider. He knew that he was a decent disciple of the Qiu Clan and had no reason to be afraid.

But he dared not contradict Dalton.

Zen didn't indulge in Elgin's games. He merely stared at the soul bottle.

Laura gently rubbed the surface of the bottle. At once, three muffled sounds came out of it. Then three transparent bubbles followed, in which there were brown soul pills the size of a fist.

"The soul pills are so large!" Zen said in shock. The soul pills were different from what he had seen before.

Seeing Zen's shock, Beldene knew exactly what to ask. "Zen, did you encounter any soul pills in the Sea of Truth?"

Zen nodded.

"That makes sense. The Sea of Truth and the Other Shore are located in a vast world. Things look different there. If I'm lucky enough to meet you in the Sea of Truth, do help me out. I'll need it," said Beldene curtly.

"We are both the disciples of the Sword Light Palace. We should help each other," Zen said with a smile.

Dalton admired Beldene's decorum. He glanced over at Elgin and sighed. Elgin was the more talented one between them, but he wouldn't go too far if he didn't know how to properly deal with the world.

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