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   Chapter 3014 The Imperial Sword Seal

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Athemar smiled faintly. "This is my Other Shore Token, the Enlightenment Sword. Of course, what you see is but a projection onto the Lofty Sword."

The Other Shore Token was very important to any warrior at the Other Shore Realm. Athemar wouldn't place his prized token in the Seven-Star Province.

However, using a special method, one could project their Other Shore Token onto a treasure.

This was most evident in the use of an Other Shore Token's projection to allow the Trumpet Flying Ship to travel through the void.

In this case, the Lofty Sword was a treasure that Athemar created with his Other Shore Token.

Zen gazed at the light golden ancient sword in confusion. No matter how powerful the projection of the Other Shore Token was, he couldn't own it. Before reaching the Other Shore Realm, his inner world could not take in any Other Shore Token.

"The Enlightenment Sword is a great treasure on the Other Shore. It doesn't have outstanding power, but it can give you an Imperial Sword Seal," Athemar said confidently.

"Imperial Sword Seal? What's that?" Zen asked, squinting.

"You'll know it soon. The Enlightenment Sword is the only one of its kind," Athemar answered with an arrogant air about him.

Floating in space, the Enlightenment Sword began to rotate slowly. After a few circles, its blade was aimed directly at Zen's chest.

"It seems that I have to move." No. 9527 sighed resignedly, as it shuffled a bit to dodge the blade.

Then Zen felt a stabbing pain in his chest. The diamond-shaped sclerite on his chest moved quickly.

The sclerite was sharp. When it moved, it sliced through Zen's muscles. Such an injury was nothing to him, as he would recover soon after, but that didn't mean he didn't feel the pain it inflicted.

Just as No. 9527 moved away, the ancient sword shot towards Zen.

It moved so fast that Zen barely had the time to react.

In the blink of an eye, the sword stabbed Zen's chest, going clean through him.

However, as the sword was but an illusion, it didn't leave any physical wounds o

related to the grade of the sword you use," said Athemar, as though the fact was so obvious.

Zen's heart beat wildly at this.

The magic weapons in the Source World were graded in a different way. The cyan sword, as the standard sword of the Sword Light Palace, was considered ordinary. It was inferior to some of the swords Zen had brought with him from the divine land, among which were some top-grade magic weapons that were given to him by the Sword Clan.

More importantly, he had the Soaring Snake Sword! Zen's excitement grew as he explored this thought.

If the cyan sword, which was deemed "scrap metal" by Athemar, could bring out such power, how much more power could the Soaring Snake Sword release?

Noticing Zen's strange expression, Athemar chuckled. "You have some amazing treasures with you, don't you?"

Zen's expression fell as he struggled to conjure some excuse.

"Don't worry," Athemar continued, as though reading Zen's thoughts. "I won't grab a junior's treasures."

Of course, he didn't know that Zen had Chiyou's sword. If he knew that, perhaps he would have changed his mind.

"Now that you have the Imperial Sword Seal, you can leave. Stay at the Sword Light Palace. I will send someone to Seven-Star Province." As he spoke, a circular arch materialized before them again.

Zen bowed respectfully and then headed into the arch.

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