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   Chapter 3013 The Orthodox Forces Of The Human Race

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Athemar was a legendary figure in the Sword Light Palace, even in the entire Seven-Star Province.

The Seven-Star Province was originally called the Evil-Mantis Province and previously occupied by the Evil Mantis race.

Very few humans lived in the area. In the past, these humans hadn't been civilized and had existed in tribes.

At that time, the human race was at the absolute bottom of the society, and their daily life was a struggle for survival. There existed a constant threat of being killed by the Evil Mantises, who were too cruel and powerful that ordinary divine citizens couldn't defeat them.

Fortunately, Athemar's appearance in the province had changed the situation.

He had killed Jonas, the most powerful Evil Mantis in the Seven-Star Province who had haunted the province for millions of years and whose viciousness was known far and wide.

All citizens of the Seven-Star Province well knew about Athemar's legends, and so did the people in the Gracious Province. However, most people never saw him personally.

Needless to say, the disciples, the heads of the palaces, the officiant, and Laura were all astounded when they heard Athemar speak.

"Zen is so extraordinary that he even drew Master Athemar's attention," Ingram murmured with an awestruck gasp.

Everyone could hardly contain their excitement. Only Zen remained calm.

He didn't know exactly how powerful Athemar was, but he had previously encountered Fuxi and Chiyou in the past. No matter how powerful Athemar was, he couldn't possibly be above those people.

Ignoring the officiant, Athemar said to Zen, "Young disciple, please come forward."

Zen blinked once and stayed rooted to his spot.

Seeing this, the officiant anxiously said, "Zen, Master Athemar asked you to approach him."

"I see," Zen replied flatly.

He lightly stepped on the ground, and a gentle wind wrapped around him and carried him forward toward the Lofty Sword.

As he approached the Lofty Sword, countless lines emerged on its surface and spread over the whole sword. At the same time, a circular arched door appeared at the center of the sword.

The officiant was stunned when he saw the arched door.

He was selected from all members of the Sword Light Palace and tasked with the honorable duty to control the Lofty Sword. Therefore, he held a very high position of authority in the Sword Light Palace and knew the Lofty Sword the best. However, he did not know that an arched door lay hidden inside the Lofty Sword... until now.

As Zen approached the entrance of the arched door, he paused for a moment and flashed a helpless smile before fin

lanation. "No, I was mistaken. There are only three orthodox forces now. Moreover, Eastern Emperor Taiyi's strength is no less powerful than that of Yellow Thearch."

"What nonsense are you talking about? I already have a master," Zen spat out angrily as his face contorted into a scowl.

Zen did not know what the three orthodox forces of the human race were, but he understood what No. 9527's words meant.

He surmised that the Nine Li people would have been one of the orthodox forces of the human race if they hadn't been destroyed. As it were, only three orthodox forces were left.

Athemar was very patient. He did not say anything else and just waited quietly for Zen's response.

No. 9527 had suggested that Zen should join the Sword Light Palace for a reason: for him to take advantage of their resources to improve himself quickly. However, entering the Sword Light Palace hadn't been his decision. He did it only because he couldn't travel through the provinces with his current strength.

It was beyond their expectation for him to be able to join the Oneness Sky Palace through the Sword Light Palace, and it was indeed the best course of action for them for the time being.

After weighing his options for several moments, Zen replied, "I am willing to join the Oneness Sky Palace."

"Good!" Athemar said with a smile in his voice. "In that case, I would like to give you a gift."

As soon as he finished his words, a cyan longsword with a faint light appeared in the space inside the Lofty Sword. The illusory weapon gave off an unusual aura.

'It has the aura of an Other Shore Token, ' Zen realized. 'This sword must be an Other Shore Token!' At this realization, Zen was filled with elation, and his eyes narrowed in anticipation.

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