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   Chapter 3012 Athemar Qiu

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No one was surprised that Zen defeated Elgin and Beldene in the Truth Competition.

After all, Zen had been participating in the Truth Competition ever since he recited two thousand words of the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent.

Disciples who couldn't recite more than two thousand words didn't challenge Zen. They hadn't realized yet how much they could benefit from competing against him. All the other disciples, however, were itching to lock horns with him.

Zen had already beaten many of his challengers. Everyone expected him to win against Beldene and Elgin as well.

"It seems that he's stronger than you thought." Laura glanced towards Ingram.

Ingram's eyes clouded. "I thought he was about as strong as I was when I had started. I guess I was mistaken. He is much stronger. Is he going to grasp the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent all at once?"

Laura murmured, "Just like Instant Enlightenment? No wonder he has mastered so many Godly Ways. It's said that there had only been 19 talents capable of such a thing. I've heard about four of them. Three of them cultivated the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent, while the last one cultivated the Truth of Holy Words."

"And where are these four warriors now?" Ingram asked.

Laura smiled rather faintly. "Two of them died. Of the remaining two, one became part of the Oneness Sky Palace. The last one's in the southeast, defending Dragon Cliff as fiercely as ever."

Ingram's eyes twinkled with excitement when he heard this.

Sword Light Palace belonged to Oneness Sky Palace. Although Ingram missed the opportunity to be part of Oneness Sky Palace, he was familiar with its legends. Based on what Laura said, it seemed that the two remaining warriors continued living as powerful human martial artists.

"If Zen is indeed capable of Instant Enlightenment just like the four warriors you've mentioned, does that mean that he..." Ingram's words trailed off with him left shocked.

But Laura shook her head and said, "Don't think too simply of it. It is far more burdening to be talented. Remember that two of them died. A talented warrior will face greater difficulty."

As they conversed, Zen had already recited 9300 words.

The Truth of Eternal Swo

in different provinces many decades ago. I never expected to be surprised with a man capable of Instant Enlightenment!"

The palace leaders looked astounded. They had never imagined a voice transmission array within the sword.

Laura and the officiant, however, trembled in awe upon recognizing the voice.

The voice belonged to Athemar Qiu, creator of the Lofty Sword and founder of the Sword Light Palace.

He was also one of the Qiu Clan's and the Yuebai Clan's ancestors.

He frequently travelled across the Source World and never stayed too long in the Sword Light Palace.

It was just like what he said. He had created seven Lofty Swords, just as he'd established seven sects like Sword Light Palace. Moreover, the places he'd chosen to do so were seven vast provinces where beasts and monsters prevailed.

But until now, only two Lofty Swords still existed.

One of them was in Sword Light Palace. The other five established sects were counterattacked by peerless nonhuman monsters. They dissipated from history shortly after. Even the Lofty Swords were destroyed.

Suddenly hearing Athemar Qiu's voice excited the officiant the most. He had been in charge of the Lofty Sword for so many years, yet this was the first time he witnessed the activation of the voice transmission array!

"Ma... Master Athemar..."

For a moment, the officiant was at a loss for words. After all, how was he supposed to address the founder of Sword Light Palace, his ancestor?

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