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   Chapter 3011 At The Top

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Beldene shook his head solemnly. "No matter what blessing he has received, he's still just a nonentity. We have nothing to envy of him."

The disciple shrugged his shoulders and said, "In that case, we can only say that there's an extraordinary talent from the small Gracious Province. Unfortunately, he's joined the Sword Dance Palace. I still don't think he can break your record, though."

"Well, let's wait and see," replied Beldene with a sly smile, glancing over at Elgin who was sanding just a few feet away.

Beldene and Elgin were considered to be the most outstanding talents in the Sword Light Palace. Beldene, on his behalf, wasn't as talented as Elgin, but he was always the more optimistic one.

Beldene knew how strong he was, and wasn't shy about demonstrating it. He was an enviable talent in the Sword Light Palace, but he wasn't considered as outstanding among the talented disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace. In other words, it was expected that someone could eventually surpass him and break his record.

However, Elgin from the Burial Sword Palace wasn't the most positive person. Now, he could be seen grim faced and fists clenched.

In his eyes alone, he was now the number one warrior in the Sword Light Palace, and the palace had great expectations of him. Although Beldene was strong enough to become his opponent, he thought he was much better than him, of course.

If Zen broke his record, he'd snatch away the honor that should belong to him. Zen might even replace him!

Because his sword-shaped pattern had been on the top, he simply couldn't compete with Zen in the Truth Competition. In fact, he couldn't do anything to stop him.

"4, 200 words!" someone declared.

"Apparently, he just won't stop!" someone else stated.

"I'm sure he's going to break the record."

Many disciples spoke over one another. Zen didn't quicken or slow down his reciting speed. Instead, he remained steady, constant and confident.

'I'm easily learning the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent. This is so strange!'

Zen thought to himself while he continued reciting. It was safe to say that this was something that he hadn't expected.

The Truth of Godly Way reached him through the cyan thread. Instead of feeling any pressure, his thoughts were clear and he was greatly enlightened.

"4, 250 words! He has officially broken Beldene's record!"

exclaimed the crowd together.

Beldene shrugged his shoulders in a nonchalant manner, still fee

d miss such an opportunity.

Without any hesitation, his sword-shaped pattern was already heading straight for Zen's.

Not only Beldene, but by the looks of it, Elgin had made the same decision.

However, Elgin still felt a trace of resentment in his heart. Although he understood that he couldn't necessarily suppress Zen, he still needed a way to vent his anger.

When the two sword-shaped patterns, which were as tall as a man, attacked Zen, crisp clash sounds came from the Lofty Sword once again.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

As Zen had a better understanding of the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent, the aura he released quickly became extremely ferocious.

At the moment of collision, Elgin felt a white light flash in his mind, a light that would tear his soul into two pieces.

It was then that Elgin finally understood why the other disciples screamed in shrill voices.

Elgin and Beldene remained far more powerful than the others. They let out nothing more than a muffled hum, endured the sharp pain, and continued battling Zen.

Clang! Clang!

The three sword-shaped patterns met at once and gave off a series of crisp sounds as they collided repeatedly with each other.

Zen was as calm as he ever had been. Elgin and Beldene, on the contrary, were drenched in sweat, their eyes wide open. Obviously, they had reached their limits.

After a while, Beldene ultimately couldn't hold on any longer. He rolled his eyes upward so only the white could be seen and fell to the platform with a loud thud.

Elgin's eyes were red, and he held on for another three seconds. Then his tense face became listless and he fell down too.

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