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   Chapter 3010 Breaking The Record

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Not long after Dalton finished speaking though, a second batch of disciples who also launched the Truth Competition towards Zen were enlightened.

Their reactions were exactly the same as those of the first three disciples. They were surprised at first and then immediately concentrated on reciting the Truth of Godly Way in order to verify their ideas.

There were anywhere between twenty and thirty disciples in the second batch. It was far from a coincidence that each of them broke through the bottleneck, one by one.

"Can our disciples break through their bottlenecks after sparring with Zen?" someone asked.

"Why is the Truth of Godly Way he infuses so magical?" someone else chimed in.

"It's proof that the way he apprehends the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent is very unique... and unbelievably precise!"

In that very instant, everyone was astonished, even the officiant. With his mouth slightly agape, he asked, "How... how could this have happened?"

He had been in charge of the sword observation for such a long time now and over all these years, never had he seen such a bizarre occurrence.

The palace leaders were equally surprised, but rather delighted. Zen had helped dozens of disciples break through all at the same time, and that had been a great aid to the cultivation palaces.

"He should be a perfect match for the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent. His truth aura is so perfect that it's actually pure when left in other disciples' minds during the Truth Competition. It has an excellent effect... I've heard of it once or twice before, but it has never occurred directly in our Sword Light Palace," Laura stated indifferently.

The Lofty Sword could respond to the disciples with the matched aura of the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent. Nonetheless, the Lofty Sword's guide lacked flexibility in the end.

At this point, Zen was on the same page with these disciples, having comprehended over 3, 000 words too. So the truth he had comprehended was what these disciples needed most, making the fight with him more effective than the Lofty Sword itself.

The leader of the Demon Sword Palace blinked her eyes a few times and came up with an idea. "Can we ask Zen to stop comprehending the remaining words and stay at this stage for a while?" she asked.

Many disciples of the cultivation palaces had been

th Competition.

The Truth of Eternal Sword Intent was written in 9, 449 words. Now, the two of them had already comprehended over 9, 000 words. They were only a step away from driving the Soul of Light to enter the Sea of Truth that they had dreamed of.

Both of them now had their sword-shaped patterns appearing at the top of the Lofty Sword, leaving the other disciples far behind. Currently, the number three disciple had reached just under 7, 000 words.

What Elgin and Beldene cared about the most however, was keeping their own records.

As he learned the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent for the first time, Elgin's record was 4, 300 words and Beldene's was 4, 250. Their records could be in the top thirty even when compared with those of the disciples from former batches.

Elgin and Beldene were satisfied with the result, and this could be read in their expressions. Of course, never had they thought any disciple could surpass their records.

Today though, a new disciple in the Sword Dance Palace had broken through the 4, 000-word mark. This amazed them to an even greater extent.

"Disciples of the Sword Dance Palace, except for those from the big clans, are all mediocre people who came from small places. How can there be such a person this time?" asked Beldene, his eyebrows furrowed.

Another disciple beside Beldene said, "It's said that this batch of new disciples came here because they had discovered the former palace leader's tomb. I wonder if that guy has received a certain kind of blessing from the former palace leader..."

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