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   Chapter 3008 Understanding Level

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The voice of the leader of the Sword Legend Palace echoed through the air. "Let alone the Burial Sword Palace and the Demon Sword Palace, even in our Sword Legend Palace, more than ten disciples can pull that off!"

The leader of the Demon Sword Palace laughed and said, "It's normal for Ingram to be excited. After all, the Sword Dance Palace is a place where a bunch of useless craps gather. When there suddenly appeared a disciple who looked somewhat better than the others, he began gloating..."

The other leaders of the cultivation palaces all agreed with her and smiled.

However, Ingram just ignored their remarks and kept his gaze fixated on Zen. He rubbed his chin as he watched him from afar with curious eyes.

Ingram believed Zen's potential was far more than what he showed. He was convinced Zen was a lot stronger than he was letting on.

The sword-shaped patterns on the surface of the Lofty Sword gradually got bigger and bigger, and they continued to rise higher and higher.

If a disciple encountered difficulties during their practice with the Lofty Sword and was stuck at a certain point, the sword would assist them by showing the corresponding Truth of Eternal Sword Intent. Under the influence of the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent, the disciples would feel enlightened from its support. This would aid them in overcoming their problems.

Due to this, the speed of cultivation of the disciples from the Sword Light Palace was faster than that of the True Gods outside who cultivated by themselves.

Zen continued to put in efforts as he recited in a low voice, his eyes shining with determination.

Normally during recitation, the further a person went, their speed of understanding would slow down and they would lose their momentum. But Zen was on a whole different level. If anything, his speed kept increasing!

In fact, someone as talented as him didn't even feel the need of taking the Lofty Sword's support if he were to recite less than two thousand words. Under the baptism of the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent from the Lofty Sword, Zen seemed to become stronger!

Six hundred words...

Eight hundred words...

One thousand words...

The eyes of the palace leaders were now glued to Zen. What Zen had achieved currently could be considered a small feat.

In less than five minutes, Zen had done the impossible task of reciting more than one thousand words. His talent was at a high level.

"He has recited over a thousand words in five minutes. I suppose it might be something extraordinary in the Sword Legend Palace, but it's normal in our Burial Sword Palace," said Dalton, looking uneasy. He pretended to shrug it off.

Ingram continued to observe without uttering a word. If Zen was only capable of this level, then he wasn't worth his attention. But he had a hunch that Zen's first attempt at this wouldn't stop here.

"His speed of reciting seems to be getting f

Kenelm assumed he might have recited two or three hundred words at best. He looked along the cyan thread that was connected to Zen's forehead. Kenelm squinted his eyes to see Zen's sword-shaped pattern on the Lofty Sword. He could not believe his eyes. His body trembled at the sight of it.

"Zen's sword-shaped pattern... is now as high as half a person?" A look of disbelief painted Kenelm's face.

Although he always knew Zen was a genius, he never expected him to be so gifted. Zen had already surpassed most of the disciples of the cultivation palaces in his first attempt.

Kenelm was not the only one who was watching Zen in utter amazement. Faegon, Jago and the other disciples from noble clans witnessed his incredible talent from afar.

Before this, Faegon was content with his achievements. He even thought he was better than the other disciples due to having more experience of being a disciple of the palace. At least he was able to recite over three hundred words, and his sword-shaped pattern was the size of a palm.

But his sense of superiority over the others had only lasted for a quick quarter. Now Zen had left him far behind in terms of learning this Truth of Godly Way as he kept progressing further.

'This guy... He really shouldn't belong to the Sword Dance Palace...' Faegan sighed in his heart as he felt defeated.

Meanwhile, Zen's sword-shaped pattern continued to grow bigger and higher. Its size attracted the attention of the disciples from other palaces.

These disciples were all full of themselves and thought they had the best talent. How could they tolerate Zen's pattern growing so rapidly compared to their own? They began to take offense at Zen's formidable strength.

Several disciples from the Demon Sword Palace and the Burial Sword Palace took an unusual move. As they began reciting collectively, their sword-shaped patterns on the blade of the Lofty Sword surrounded Zen's sword-shaped pattern.

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