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   Chapter 3007 Talent

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Laura was the one in charge of the thirteen cultivation palaces, making her the immediate superior of each palace.

She was only second to the three elders and the current leader of the Sword Light Palace.

The leaders of other palaces showed their respect as they all bowed to her as a sign of courtesy.

The leader of the Sword Legend Palace approached her with a small smile and asked, "How is your talk going, Master Laura?"

Glancing at her indifferently, Laura coldly replied, "It's none of your business."

"Well, do you really think that we have to fulfill the promise?" inquired the Burial Sword Palace leader, Dalton Yuebai.

"Think about it. The Seven-Star Province respects us for our good reputation. It is our duty to fulfill our promise. But more importantly, what does this have to do with you?" Laura questioned back.

Right after Caspian's disappearance, the Sword Light Palace swore that if his tomb was to be found, then a new leader would be selected.

Over the past years, the tomb remained undiscovered and the current leader had been ruling the Sword Light Palace ever since.

Nobody had expected that today, Laura could reclaim her father's tomb. Staying true to their promise, they should choose a new leader.

As of the moment, the Sword Light Palace was divided into two groups. Even the three elders could not get along with each other.

Two of the three elders were on the current leader's side so they did not agree with the reelection. Because of this, the whole Sword Light Palace was at a dispute.

Thinking of this, Laura was understandably not in a good mood at all.

After rebutting the two leaders, she glanced at the platform where the Sword Dance Palace was located, showing a touch of concern in her face.

Smiling, Dalton asked, "You came here today to see the new disciples of the Sword Dance Palace, yes?"

Before she could say anything, the leader of the Demon Sword Palace interrupted and spoke, "They are nothing but ordinary divine citizens from the Gracious Province. Why do you even care about them? They have such mediocre talent and weak foundation! Recruiting them is a waste of resources."

"The Sword Dance Palace has long been a place for good-for-nothings and rascals of the streets. It's not a big deal to have more like them,"

exploring ways of cultivation since ancient times..."

After he read some words on the translation, an idea popped into his mind.

At that moment, he felt that his consciousness was integrated into the sword-shaped pattern on the Lofty Sword.

He felt that he himself turned into a sword! It was as if his soul had come out of his body.

"Their eagerness to improve never ceases. It's the way to the prosperity of the world....."

As he continued to recite the words, the Lofty Sword slowly gave off the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent that soaked his soul.

Zen had just started learning, so the knowledge of the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent was somewhat shallow.

At that moment, he sensed that someone had actually led him to comprehend the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent, making the whole process smooth.

Shortly after, he had already recited five hundred words, and the sword-shaped pattern had grown larger and larger on the Lofty Sword. Now it was about half a foot long and was as thick as an arm.

At that moment, the palace leaders' eyes were fixed on the platform of the Sword Dance Palace, waiting for something to happen. Finally, they found Zen's sword-shaped pattern.

Surprised, Dalton stared at Zen and said, "He must be the person Ingram mentioned. It's quite an amazing feat that he can recite five to six hundred words despite that this is his first time learning the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent. However, the Burial Sword Palace also has a lot of talents like him. Let's not make a big deal out of it."

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