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   Chapter 3006 Truth Competition

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Zen frowned dubiously. He hated anything else getting inside his head.

After all, the Infinity Ruler was still in his mind. If its existence was found out by others, it might cause him some unnecessary trouble.

Zen was slightly startled at the cyan thread drilling into his head. "Will this thing... you know..." he nervously asked No. 9527.

Zen didn't need to complete his thought. No. 9527 knew what he was worried about. "Don't panic. This is just an illusion created by the sword with Truth of Eternal Sword Intent. This thread can't pry into your mind. Besides, the Infinity Ruler in your mind is just a delusional idea of Chiyou. It wouldn't be a big deal, even if it were discovered."

Up until this point, No. 9527 still thought the chances of integrating all kinds of Godly Ways were slim.

Zen breathed a sigh of relief. The instant the cyan thread reached his soul, his surroundings suddenly changed.

The officiant, the platforms, and the scenery in the distance disappeared in an instant.

The only things that remained were the Lofty Sword in front of him, the disciples of the thirteen cultivation palaces, and the translation of Truth of Eternal Sword Intent in their hands.

"What an illusion!"

"The Truth of Eternal Sword Intent seems to have tangible existence!"

"No wonder it is said that Lofty Sword can save the disciples half the effort. I feel my mind is so much clearer now!"

Kenelm and his friends could not contain their excitement. They eagerly reached out to touch the cyan thread hovering in front of their foreheads.

When the disciples of the other cultivation palaces overheard what they were talking about, their faces fell with disdain and disgust.

"Where did Sword Dance Palace get these nincompoops?"

"It seems they have never been to such an event before..."

"Sword Dance Palace is a dumpster. How can anybody expect them to recruit any talents?"

"Just ignore them. Don't waste your time!"

The disciples of Burial Sword Palace and Demon Sword Palace shrugged at each other, sneering at Kenelm and his gang. They then held up the translation in their hands and began reading it.

Their voices were very loud and clear.

"The warriors of the land of the ancient swordsmanship have been exploring ways of cultivation since ancient times. Their eagerness to improve never ceases. It's the way to the prosperity of the world..."

They each recited at their own speed. However, with everyone reciting at varying lengths, togethe

e was on the same level as Elgin Qiu and Beldene Yuebai. Faegan couldn't help but feel a bit jealous.

"We can take our time. As long as we don't stop, we can catch up to them, one step at a time," Zen said with a reassuring smile.

Faegan shrugged but didn't try to argue. Finally, he opened the translation in his hand, reciting the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent in a low voice.

On the main platform, after having activated the array, the officiant put his hands behind his back and stared at the Lofty Sword.

The leaders of the cultivation palaces also arrived at this time.

"This group of disciples started their cultivation at the same time. Elgin Qiu and Beldene Yuebai have surpassed the others by a lot, unsurprisingly. I'm afraid there's no way for the other disciples to catch up with them," said a petite woman as she observed the Lofty Sword. She was the leader of Sword Legend Palace. As she spoke, she watched Elgin Qiu and Beldene Yuebai battle, a hint of regret glinting in her eyes. She had come to the realization that not recruiting Elgin Qiu was her biggest mistake.

"What's with the Sword Dance Palace today? They have so many people present here. This is new," the leader of the Sword Anger Palace asked curiously. He paused to glance around. "Well, I don't see Ingram..."

"Why would he be here? Anyway, if the losers from the Sword Dance Palace don't work hard, he will never be able to earn respect from the Board of Elders in his life," said the head of the Sword Legend Palace, smiling coldly.

However, the moment those words left her mouth, two figures floated over.

The figures were none other than Ingram and Laura.

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