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   Chapter 3005 The Lofty Sword

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Kenelm, Hyde, and eight others were from the Excellence City. It was their first time seeing the Lofty Sword from such a close distance. Naturally, all of them were absolutely thrilled.

The origin and legend of the Lofty Sword were known far and wide. Kenelm and his friends heard about these stories from their families during their childhood.

Once upon a time, the Seven-Star Province was only known as a savage land. It was inhabited by only a few people and most of them were still uncivilized.

Back then, the Seven-Star Province was still being ruled by Jonas, a powerful unhuman monster. The size of his body was comparable to a huge mountain. His strength greatly exceeded the power of most Other Shore Realm warriors of the human race.

It was about a million years ago when the Lofty Sword came down from the sky and nailed Jonas down to the Seven-Star Mountain.

The Lofty Sword belonged to a swordsman named Athemar Qiu. He descended towards the Seven-Star Province and vanquished Jonas. After that, he created the Sword Light Palace.

For the next million years, the Sword Light Palace continued to reign over the entire Seven-Star Province. It even expanded to some provinces surrounding it. It even had a huge influence on the inhabitants of the barren Gracious Province.

For this reason, most people from the Gracious Province like Kenelm dreamed about joining the Sword Light Palace someday.

Zen started looking around as he sat cross-legged on the platform. The people from the other palaces, however, were all sitting elegantly. His gaze fell softly upon the Lofty Sword not far away from him.

The main reason why they were observing the Lofty Sword was to understand the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent. Yet as of this moment, the sword didn't show its sharp aura which was supposed to radiate from it. Somehow, it seemed like it had been sealed by an invisible sword sheath.

"This sword really has a magnificent presence!"

Being an accomplished swordsman, Zen was well versed in the art of swordsmanship.

When Laura brought Zen and the others into the Seven-Star City, the Lofty Sword had emitted a different kind of aura. It was much more unusual today compared to what they had witnessed before.

The Lofty Sword he had been observing for quite a while now had possibly hidden its true aura. However, he knew that it was actually very similar to a dragon diving into the abyss. It could burst forth at any moment too. Therefore, it was far more frightening now than it had been before.

'I wonder if anyone in the Sword Light Palace is capable of controlling the Lofty Sword, ' Zen thought to himself.

The other disciples like Faegan and Jago now appeared quiet and reserved. They had a bad reputation and


These statements from Zen temporarily stupefied Faegan, Jago, and others. Soon after, these words began to stir something deep in their hearts.

It was true that they already gave up on themselves in the Sword Dance Palace. At the same time, they were still quite proud of themselves. For instance, Jago was determined to believe that he was not lagging behind Freeman Qiu when it came to talent. Despite this, he refused to even prove himself.

On the contrary, Zen stated that it wasn't simply because Jago declined to prove himself. In reality, he was merely a coward who didn't have the guts to challenge Freeman Qiu.

They were perfectly fine being known as playboys who were up to no good. But deep within their hearts, they still yearned to prove themselves to their own clans.

Faegan and his companions were engrossed in their own thoughts. Suddenly, the officiant told everyone, "Ready yourselves! I am now going to activate the array!"

Hardly had the officiant finished his words when all the disciples of the thirteen palaces took out the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent translations.

Subsequently, the officiant sat down in the middle of the platform. His hands made some sort of movement, and orbs of pale cyan light emerged around him.

Almost simultaneously, the energy around the Lofty Sword changed abruptly.

The Truth of Godly Way that had originally accumulated and formed into a sphere started to bloom. The Truth of Eternal Sword Intent gradually radiated from the Lofty Sword.

Buzz! Buzz!

Long and slender streaks of cyan light arose from the surface of the Lofty Sword. They wriggled and surged towards the disciples.

A streak of cyan light shot towards the space between Zen's eyebrows. This made him squint a little. Before he could dodge it, the streak of light entered his mind.

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