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   Chapter 3003 Cultivating Two Truths Of Godly Ways

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Truths of Godly Ways were common in the Source World.

It was difficult to decipher the meaning of the Sanskrit words that had been used to record the Truths of Godly Ways. However, once deciphered, the record would be extremely easy to replicate.

Many versions of the translations of the Truths of Godly Ways existed. In addition to the versions of human language, the texts had also been transcribed in the languages of other races.

The translations of the Truths of Godly Ways were easy to obtain, but few people could truly comprehend them.

"There appears to be no difference between this translation and what we usually see," said Kenelm as he thumbed through the translation, his face plainly showing his disappointment.

After staying at the Sword Dance Palace for so many days, the group had been looking forward to what they would get. To their disappointment, it was nothing out of the ordinary.

"The Truth of Godly Way is translated as a whole. You cannot add or subtract one word, as it is strictly prohibited. It only makes sense that there is no difference between this translation and what we usually see. The most important resource belonging to the Sword Light Palace is the Lofty Sword. If we could observe it from a short distance, the knowledge could be extremely helpful to us," another person opined.

"You're right, Hyde. We joined the Sword Light Palace not because of this translation," Kenelm agreed. Then he looked over at Zen.

Zen leafed through the cyan book in his hand and recited the contents of a page under his breath, as if he couldn't wait to cultivate the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent recorded in the book.

"Zen, do you want to cultivate the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent? Haven't you already cultivated the Truth of Cultivation Nature?" asked Kenelm. A strange look passed across his face.

Zen's train of thought was interrupted by Kenelm's question. He smiled faintly and said, "Can't I? Is it not possible to cultivate two Truths of Godly Ways?"

"It's not like that. What I meant was, since you have already practiced the Truth of Cultivation Nature, it would be too late and time-consuming for you to cultivate the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent too. Although the masters in the Sword Light Palace focus on the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent, they also have the cultivation methods that correspond to the other Truths of Godly Ways."

Zen nodded and replied, "If cultivating one more Truth of Godly Way wouldn't pose any problems, then I don't intend to waste such an o

owed to battle at will.

These disciples had set up the rules of the Sword Dance Palace in order to drive away the disciples who joined the palace after them.

Kenelm and his friends looked at each other, deeply concerned. Zen, however, was not the least bit worried about it.

Zen tilted his head and stared at Faegan. "Even if the rules were laid down by you, they are still the rules of the Sword Dance Palace. Isn't it against them to have an outsider fight for you?"

"It's a pity. I'm a disciple of the Sword Dance Palace," Chadwick said flatly.

Faegan also mocked, "Only losers like you will follow the rules and try to avoid getting caught. It's a pity, isn't it?"

Zen shook his head without any expression. "If he were not a disciple of the Sword Dance Palace, I would be breaking the rules. Now that he has identified himself as a disciple of the Sword Dance Palace, then I won't be breaking the rules. I'm relieved to hear that."

"What do you mean?" Chadwick's eyes slightly narrowed.

With a bang, the ground that had just been repaired was suddenly ripped wide open into a massive hole. Zen transformed into a remnant figure, cutting a path at an unimaginable speed and coming straight toward Chadwick.

With his cultivation base, Chadwick could undisputedly rank first in the Sword Dance Palace. However, like the other disciples in the Sword Dance Palace, he had little experience in actual combat. He had never thought that Zen would suddenly launch an attack.

When Zen reached him, Chadwick had already pulled his cyan sword out of its sheath. Then, a crisp sound rang, and before anyone could blink, his one arm was swinging down uselessly to his side.

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