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   Chapter 3000 The Bitter Lesson

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The air in the backyard seemed to solidify. These rich, evil disciples hadn't expected Zen to make such a move.

"How dare you attack Jago!" one of them shouted.

Zen turned to smile at the young man. "I'm a fair person," he said with a shrug.

"Fair about what?" the young man barked, puzzled at Zen's words.

"I don't discriminate between people. I'll punch everyone," Zen said, floating like a ghost towards the other man and slapping him in the face.

The smack was so heavy it sent the young man spinning several times and flying through the air

before he fell to the ground.

The diabolical disciples finally realized that Zen wasn't to be taken lightly.

"The Soul-controlling Bead!"

One of the disciples pulled out the silver bead again. With a flash of light, the bead sealed the internal momentum in Zen's body.

But Zen hadn't used any internal momentum yet. He could move at a high speed using purely his physical strength.

The rich, evil disciples all had a high cultivation base, but their actual combat ability was close to zero. They might be good at playing tricks and using their magic weapons to suppress consummate True Gods. But it was impossible for them to defeat Zen, who was experienced in battles.

The Soul-controlling Bead blocked his elixir field, causing Zen to stop and reconsider. And then, in the blink of an eye, he rushed over to the young man.

He stretched out both his hands like lightning and grabbed the bead with one hand while twisting the young man's arm with the other, shattering it into pieces.

Zen sighed as he saw the horror in the man's eyes.

These people had their cultivation bases and magic weapons, and yet they were so weak that they could hardly cope with anything.

"Trap him!" someone shouted.

But it was not easy to trap Zen.

Zen activated the Truth of Cultivation Nature

and moved extremely fast.

There was no way for his foes to catch up with him.

As they chased him, houses, rockeries, and walls in the backyard came crashing down. Even the ground


"Really?" Zen said, his faint smile amused.

He spread out his arms and flew up into the air, drawing a perfect arc as he went.

This time, Zen had used eighty percent of his strength.

The golden eggshell shook under the violent attack, but it still stood strong.

"Go on! You think you can break my grandfather's Latent Theurgy? You are daydreaming!"

the long-haired young man roared.

Zen ignored the young man's sarcasm

and poured his violent power on the golden eggshell through his punches.

A crack eventually appeared in the upper part of the eggshell.

The young man panicked, horrified.

He knew very well that he was no match for Zen. Once the golden eggshell broke, he would probably end up like the others.

Zen took a deep breath and extracted his strength source so that it gathered in his fist.

He was about to crush the golden eggshell once and for all when a palm emerged from one side and blocked his movements.

Zen's fist hit the palm.

All of a sudden, all the power of his fist vanished.

"That's enough," said Ingram Qiu, coming to stand before Zen.

He looked cautiously at the young man in front of him.

Strength aside, he was surprised to see that Zen even had the courage to challenge the troublesome disciples of the Sword Dance Palace. After all, Zen had just joined the Sword Dance Palace.

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