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   Chapter 2999 Counterattack

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The disciples of the Sword Dance Palace had mediocre talents. However, they had connections with the higher-ups of the Seven-Star City and the Sword Light Palace.

Each of them had a different sort of link with them. They were either direct descendants of some elders, or members of the large clans in the Seven-Star City.

Due to these links, they were spoiled rotten by their families. When they collectively joined the Sword Dance Palace, they became well acquainted with one another and formed an alliance. This proved cancerous for the Sword Light Palace. If anyone dared provoke them, they would find themselves facing severe consequences.

After learning the rules of the palace, he made up his mind on what he had to do and headed back to the backyard through the same path he came.

As he made his way back, an explosive sound coming from the backyard made him stop in his tracks. Shortly after, he witnessed a strong wave of heat spread across the walls. Before he could process anything, he heard disturbing outcries coming from the direction of the sound. He quickened his steps to see what was going on.

Meanwhile, Kenelm and the others lay splayed out on the ground in the backyard. Each of their bodies was charred and badly injured from the impact.

In a state of shock, one of the injured warriors became furious and shouted, "We are now fellow disciples of the Sword Dance Palace after we joined. How could you treat us like this?"

The man who spoke out was a respectable authority figure at the Excellence City. He had been recommended by the city lord to become a disciple at the Sword Dance Palace. His arrogant nature did not stand for this behavior towards him. How could he stomach being treated with such disgrace by the members of the Sword Dance Palace?

"Who are our fellow disciples? Do you think you are even qualified?" An authoritative voice came from the group. A silver-haired young man pushed aside the disciples and walked over to the protesting man. The approaching figure had handsome features, and was the youngest of the group. Overflowing with arrogance he took two steps towards this man before stomping him down on the ground. He looked at the man and scowled. "Whether you can join the Sword Dance Palace or not is not the decision of the higher-ups or Ingram. It is us, who make the final call. Understood?"

The man gritted his teeth and glared at him. "What should we do to join the Sword Dance Palace?"

The silver-haired boy shrugged his shoulders and chuckled in amusement. "Well, you have to pass five tests. What you've experienced just now was the first test: the burning test!"

"What's the second test?" the man asked looking displeased.

"The second test is the statue test," the silver-haired boy replied as traces of ice particles began to

is full consciousness.

"To know the rules, of course," Zen replied with a gentle smile.

"To know the rules? What do you mean?" Kenelm asked again in confusion.

Zen glanced towards the disciples and loosened his grip on Kenelm. He slowly stood up and said indifferently, "I heard that all disciples can fight freely as long as no one dies in combat. I didn't expect the rules of the Sword Light Palace to be so loose."

When the silver-haired boy heard this, he smirked mockingly. "Why do you trouble yourself to learn these rules? Do you want to fight with us?"

In the Seven-Star City, they were always the ones who would bully others. No one dared to stand up against them.

Zen balled his hands into fists and tightened his jaw. He glared at the silver-haired boy and smiled, "That's exactly what I've been thinking about!"

The moment these words left his mouth, Zen dashed towards the silver-haired boy like an arrow released from its bow. The ground beneath his feet turned to powder as he stomped on it with massive strength.

The boy froze in place unable to react. Baffled from Zen's sudden advancement, the boy saw a vicious flash of light sparkled in front of his eyes. Before he could say anything, Zen's fist made contact with his face and sent him flying.


With a grating sound, the silver-haired boy rolled over in the air and crashed into the wall of the backyard. The impact of his back hitting the wall so hard cracked it into pieces.

Zen had only used one-tenth of his whole strength in this punch. Had he used up his full potential, he could have cracked the boy's skull open.

The silver-haired boy's handsome face had been deformed from the blow as he lay motionless on the ground.

Everyone who witnessed the scene gasped in utter bewilderment. After all, the young boy's father was the head of the noble Yuebai Clan!

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