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   Chapter 2997 Sword Dance Palace

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The Evil God was slightly taken aback by the things he found in the True God's memories.

'His head is full of crazy nonsense!' he thought, his face flushing with anger.

He didn't inherently have any morals. Rather, he was fierce and arrogant, like a tyrant.

However, there was one thing he cared about the most⁠—the human race. Of course, this was probably because of Zen's influence.

In Zen's inner world, there had been the rise of other races, such as the Heavenly Spirit race. However, with Zen's deliberate suppression and the rise of the human race, the Heavenly Spirit race had gradually been marginalized. In the end, the Evil God had even killed the warriors of the Heavenly Spirit race for the sake of the human race.

In any case, the Evil God didn't like other races.

As he continued to look through the True God's memories, he found out about the existence of Sand Country. Soon, he learned about how the people from Sand Country were obedient to the Man-eating Demon Flowers and how a great number of people from the country were sacrificed to the Man-eating Demon Flowers every year.

'How could the human race submit to plants? Humph! Once I'm strong enough, I'll get rid of these man-eating flowers one by one!' the Evil God thought to himself.

Then, he found something else in the man's memories that surprised him.

'The Truth of Godly Way? The Other Shore Realm?'

When the Evil God had left Zen's inner world, he had felt a special aura exuding from Zen that he had never felt before.

Back then, he had been so eager to rid himself of Zen's control that he hadn't had the time to ask about the origin of that aura.

Now, he finally realized that the consummation of True God Realm and the grasp of mixed internal momentum were not the peak of cultivation. If he wanted to become stronger, he would have to reach the Other Shore Realm.

As an ambitious warrior, the Evil God was thrilled at this realization.

He laughed wildly for a long time, as if he had lost his mind. Then, he tossed the man from the Sand Country to the ground. The man's soul had been shattered into pieces, leaving him no more than a shell of his original self.

The Evil God slowly walked toward the desert.

Although he had found a method to get rid of the sandstorm, he didn't intend to go deep into the desert, because that was where the extremely powerful Man-ea

d that was seven hundred thousand feet long!

Even from such a long distance, Zen could feel the strong Truth of Godly Way exuded by this stone sword.

'I'm afraid only a Wild God would be able to wield such a huge sword. But isn't it said that there are no more Wild Gods in the Source World? Then what is the use of this huge sword?' Zen wondered.

As the flying ship descended, the Lofty Sword disappeared from everyone's vision. Finally, the ship landed on a platform in the middle of the mountain city.

The pale-faced woman jumped up first and landed on the rails of the ship. She looked at Kenelm and his companions, and then glanced at Zen with a meaningful look in her eyes. "Galeun, lead them to Sword Dance Palace,"

she said before rushing into the mountain city.

"Just follow me," said the man named Galeun Yu.

Led by Galeun Yu, the group walked through the densely packed buildings in the mountain city and finally arrived at Sword Dance Palace.

When they arrived at the gate, another two men in cyan slowly walked toward them and bowed to Galeun Yu.

"These eleven people found a tomb, so Master Laura made an exception to allow them to join Sword Dance Palace," said Galeun Yu.

The two men in cyan nodded and led the eleven of them into Sword Dance Palace.

Just when they entered the palace with great expectations, a rough laugh sounded. "Oh, look, what do we have here? Another dozen dregs in our palace. Never mind. Sword Dance Palace has long become a place for trash. I don't mind taking in more garbage. I hope you can hold on in here long enough."

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