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   Chapter 2995 The Country Of The Man-eating Demon Flowers

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As soon as the group led by Kenelm set foot on the flying ship, excitement overwhelmed each of them.

A brand new life was promised for them at the end of the trip.

The Sword Light Palace did not give them much time to prepare. They were instructed to travel as soon as possible. After they got the news to set off, they all hurriedly bid goodbye to their families.

The cyan flying ship of the Sword Light Palace was majestically decorated. The wood that made the railings of the ship revealed natural patterns. Such a rare wood naturally highlighted the outlines of the ship. The natural patterns were said to calm people's minds. After the group stepped on the ship, they found that everything on the flying ship seemed to be exquisite. The ship was designed to be comfortable for most people.

However, most of the eleven consummate True Gods who got the licenses to enter the Sword Light Palace looked restrained after they got on the ship. Kenelm and his friends even walked on tiptoes. It seemed like such a luxurious place made them uncomfortable.

Only Zen was able to maintain his calm as he gave no interest in the facilities.

After all, the divine land itself was a flying ship. With such a long experience in that place, he grew accustomed to its features. Additionally, he had personally controlled such a huge flying ship. As such, when he saw the other flying ships, they were rather insignificant in his eyes. Moreover, the flying ship of Sword Light Palace could not compare to the Trumpet Flying Ship.

Everyone boarded the cyan flying ship safely. Afterward, one of the men in cyan shouted with an official tone, "Set off!"

A slight shake signaled the take-off of the flying ship. The majestic cyan flying ship left the East Port silently.

The flight started with fair weather. The huge Excellence City quickly grew smaller in the distance. Soon, the flying ship carried everyone into the sky and flew forward at high speed.

Zen stood on the side of the ship with a callous expression. Because of the clear skies, he was able to look down at the scene below. Even though he was in the air and was over a hundred thousand feet high, everything around that he saw was still yellow and hazy.

"It's still the desert outside the Excellence City?" Zen's eyes narrowed as he examined the area below. Suddenly, some dust blocked his vision.

Above the desert floated a mass of sand storm. With his experience, Zen immediately realized that the sand storm was caused by a Man-eating Demon Flower.

If there was still the vast desert around Excellence City, then the circumstances would be unfavorable to the Evil God.

A few days ago, he let go of the Evil God. However, the Evil God did not choose to enter Excellence City but left along the big river instead. At that moment, as he looked down from the sky, h

ady entered the fifteenth stage of the Other Shore Realm... The whole Sand Country is under its control. Such a monster governs the vast desert. It is the true ruler of the entire Gracious Province..." said the woman with a dejected look.

"A plant can actually reach the Other Shore Realm and grow to such an extent! How can that be?" Zen was stunned as his eyes fixated on the king of the Man-eating Demon Flowers.

The woman smiled faintly. A nostalgic glimmer appeared in her eyes. "In this world… There are many weirder things..."

"But there are so many Man-eating Demon Flowers! What do they live on?" Zen asked with a curious expression.

Since the Man-eating Demon Flowers had established a huge country, the number of Man-eating Demon Flowers was naturally huge. It was impossible to feed themselves only with outsiders that the people living in the sand brought to them.

"Their food is the people living in the sand." Such is the harsh reality of this place..." A rather cold and determined look painted the woman's face as she answered Zen's question.

"They prey upon the people living in the sand? Why don't those people just run away?" Zen clenched his fist as his conscience was touched by guilt. He had killed a few people living in the sand that had deceived him. Although he was not the Savior, they were still all human beings as he was.

The woman looked at Zen indifferently and said, "You are really not... from the Source World."

In Zen's subconsciousness, the human race should dominate the world. The other fierce beasts and monsters should be inferior to humans and they couldn't surpass humans. It was an agreed rule both in the universes and in the divine land.

However, that was not the case in the Source World. The human race was limited to a few big forces, while the races formed by fierce beasts and monsters were the mainstream of the Source World.

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