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   Chapter 2989 The Secret Of The Copper Sheet

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Doubts continued to linger inside Zen's mind. However, he didn't say anything when he saw how pleased Kenelm and the others were.

After all, they had worked hard to get the tomb. The last thing Zen wanted was to pour cold water on them. Additionally, he didn't know much about the Source World. Perhaps the Sword Light Palace had truly set such a weird kind of rule.

Afterward, Kenelm immediately collected the belongings of the Stinger Guard. Then, they left the underground cave and hurriedly returned to the Excellence City.

Later that day, Kenelm hosted a fantastic banquet at the biggest restaurant in the Excellence City. Zen had already made up his mind that he would refuse to join the banquet. However, Kenelm's kind words changed his mind as he finally accepted the invitation.

"I have entrusted a caravan to send the news about the tomb to the Sword Light Palace. With their great efficiency, they'll certainly complete the task almost immediately. I believe that it won't take long before they come to the Excellence City." Kenelm raised his cup as a sign of respect. Afterward, he looked at Zen with sincere eyes. "If it hadn't been for you, we would not have been able to enter that cave. Thank you very much!"

After he said such kind remarks, Kenelm pulled his cup towards his mouth and gulped the wine.

An appreciative smile was revealed in Zen's face as he followed Kenelm's toast.

After the toast, a friend of Kenelm said in a curious tone, "I really want to know the star class of the owner of the tomb."

The Stinger Guards were similar to the Nine Li Guards and the Yellow Emperor Guards. However, the Sword Light Palace was still inferior to the super forces like the Bearing race and the Nine Li race.

"Is it really that important?" Zen asked curiously. With creased eyebrows, he looked at the speaker with confusion.

Almost immediately, Kenelm blinked his eyes and answered seriously, "Of course it is! If the owner of the tomb was a one-star Stinger Guard, his belongings can be exchanged for a place in the Sword Light Palace. If he was a two-star Stinger Guard, that means we can have two places. Moreover, if he was a five-star Stinger Guard..."

The eyes of the audience lit up as they heard the remarks from Kenelm.

They were already aware of the rules of the Sword Light Palace. The rewards from the rules were the main reason why they risked their lives to follow Kenelm in search of the tomb.

That was an opportunity they couldn't miss. They were currently consummate True Gods. I


"What map is this? Where is this? Why is there a golden Sanskrit word in it?" There was a strange expression in Zen's eyes. Confusion seemed to overwhelm him.

With sharp eyes, Zen carefully studied the map. After some time, he finally asked, "No. 9527, do you know where this map..."

"No, I don't," No. 9527 replied decidedly even before Zen could finish his words.

Disappointment enveloped Zen as he pursed his lips. It seemed that he had to figure out the origin of the octagonal copper sheet by himself.

He didn't know what the golden Sanskrit word meant, but he could turn to his son for help. Geoffrey was still in his inner world, and he should be able to figure out the meaning of the golden Sanskrit word. He had to put the copper sheet into his inner world and ask Geoffrey to study it.

Two days later, a silver flying ship suddenly streaked through the dark sky and appeared in the air above the Excellence City.

It scanned the area and checked the direction before it berthed at a dock next to the East Port.


An old man in a fur robe appeared from the ship. A furious aura enveloped him as he came down from the ship. His face was darkened with anger.

A guard behind the old man came forward and saluted. With a respectful voice, he said, "Master Baber, although the Excellence City is a remote and small city, the people and their relationships are complex here. It is difficult to find Master Allen."

When the old man heard Allen's name, pain appeared in his eyes. His eyelids trembled a few times as his confusion seemed to settle. After a while, he said, "Go and buy news from the Mice League! We have to find this murderer by any means!"

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